Okay, Labor Day Weekend spells the end of summer and perhaps the last family summer picnic.  Hot dogs, burgers, potato salad and more.  Sounds heavy, right?  Where does dessert come in–yeah, I know there’s always room for jello, but come on that squiggly mixture can turn into a gloppy mess in hot weather, and it’s not that exciting.

What would you say to a frozen delicious dessert that can rival your favorite gelato, frozen yogurt, is super healthy and  takes minutes to prepare?  Yonanas is a new kitchen gadget that takes those bananas turning brown and turns them into a delicious soft ice cream or fruit popsicle.  Great for the family and cost effective, too.   $49.95+sh, best price on shipping and handling at HSN.

Without a heavy dessert to slow you down, you can scoop all those Labor Day Weekend bargains!



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