Any candidate of Gordon Ramsey’s “Master Chef,” loves the new innovative kitchen gadgets that make our dishes looking professional with less effort.  All those aspirants will love this new gadget MarkdownMom found  in the new Chefs catalog.  

With improvements on beaters for our favorite KitchenAid mixers that scrape the bowl while mixing the ingredients, add this latest Whisk-A- Bowl attachment from Pourfect.  Working 3 times faster than a regular whisk, this beater with its’ coiled wires lift and blend the ingredients, adding air to every rotation.  Lighter soufflés, creamier and higher meringues, and wait to you see what it does to whipped cream!   

Applications of this tool are only limited by your imagination.  At Chefs™ $42.00-$46.00 depending on your KitchenAid model.  Free Shipping on Purchases of $75 or more at Chefs, use coupon code:  BW1EM6005.  Check out KitchenAids new pasta press attachment, mamma mia!

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