When Refurbished Equals Savings

Many products get returned to their manufacturer for various reasons, with electronics this may mean a serious problem or simply repackaging.  However, buying a refurbished item can calculate into real savings provided you’ve done your homework.

A refurbished product should be significantly lower in price than its’ new counterpart–a few dollars isn’t worth buying refurbushed.

“As Is” puts the buyer at greater risk.  Try to get the same warranty as a new item and be sure to read the warranty.

  • Check to see if all parts hincluded, missing parts can add up and spike the final price.
  • Check prices for new online to make sure that the stated retail and sale price are competitive.
  • Make sure that refurbished or reconditioned items are done by the manufacturer as quality controls will be followed by the factory.
  • Usually items are offered through a vendor, check their return policy also.  They should provide at least a 30 days unconditional return policy.
  • Buy a curreent model or item, not one that has been discontinued if possible.  If discontinued, especially with electronics make sure the savings are substantial and worth the risk.
  • Checksimilar new items by different manufacturers and compare prices with the refurbished price.

MarkdownMom found this Garmin Nuvi 255 3.5″GPS Navigator at ShopNBC at a  30% savings, reg. $139.99, refurbished price of $89.99 on 2 value pays of $45, 1 yr. mftr. limited warranty. 

Also, competitively priced at Sears, KMart, Radio Shack, and Amazon MarketPlace  (some with w/coupons).

MDM Says:  “Make sure that you leave no sign that you own a GPS system once you leave the vehicle unattended since these are favorite objects of thieves!”

Don’t Leave Home Without One!

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