Treat Your Valentine Like A Queen–Or At Least A Duchess For Now!

Last year the Royal Wedding of Kate Middleton to Prince William was the social event of the year.  Every detail of Kate’s wedding attire was scrutinized and fawned over.

Although the  tiara that held her wedding veil was loaned to her by Queen Elizabeth, keeping with something old and borrowed, Kate wore something new of her own–a diamond pair of chandelier acorn earrings.  The acorns, a symbol of England, was a personal remembrance of the Middleton children she incorporated into her wardrobe for her special day.  Now you can give a copy of those same earrings for a pittance of the real price–made with CZ  reg.$104.99  on sale for $39.99 (62% off) and free shipping at Amazon.

MarkdownMom Says:  As you know, bling is alive and well this Runway Week, so why not give a Valentine’s gift that is bound to make her eyes sparkle.  You’ll feel like a prince if you do!

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