Tip Of The Week #58: 3 Ways To Save That Shopping Network Item For Later Purchase

Ever debated about buying an item on a televised home shopping network, just to have it sell it out during the hour?  Here’s MarkdownMom’s suggestion on how to keep the information for later purchase. 

1).  If debating, put it immediately in your wishlist.   By doing this, should it come back into stock–and there is even a chance that can occur even on limited items–the item will reappear for purchase on your wishlist. 

 2).  Didn’t act fast enough to get it on your wishlist?  Look it up on the networks’ program guide information and bookmark it so that you can check back to see if it comes in.  

3).  Can’t find it on the program guide?  Use search engines such as  Google and Bing to locate item and then bookmark it.  Remember, persistance is a virtue.  MarkdownMom missed out on a Susan Graver top on QVC, put it on her wishlist, and guess what it has come back as a waitlist item–here’s hoping!

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