Tip Of The Week #54: 'Do It Like The Pros For Less In 2 Steps!

Even though the money is tight, girl, you still want to look fine.  Many things you can go without, but everyone needs a great ‘do-hairdo that is.  But how can you save money on your hair without going to cosmetology school?  Well, there are two important steps in getting a great hair look without spending an arm and a leg.

 1.  Go to a cosmetology/beauty school.  Ask for a senior student, this is especially important when having your hair cut since it is very difficult to correct a bad hair cut.  Other beauty services cost a lot less like manicures, hair dyeing, perms, etc.  Plus you can be assured that sanitary conditions will be followed.  But shop around even for cosmetology schools since some are better than others and prices will vary. 


 2.   Another, cost savings is getting your professional supplies at a Beauty Supply place.  Recently, Markdown Mom visited the local Sally’s Beauty Supply.  This chain even has stores in other countries. If you don’t have one in your area, no worries, you can order online.  Not only can you purchase a membership card that will pay for itself, but they also have coupon specials.  A rudimentary knowledge of hair care is certainly helpful since some items like hair dye are sold without instructions, but you can get a number of great items like professional tools, waxing supplies, styling aids, and more.  You can spend an afternoon just perusing their offerings.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions since their sales personnel are friendly and eager to help and many have a background as cosmetologists.

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