Tip of the Week: #44 Brighten Heirloom Fabrics

Whether you inherit vintage linens or they are your personal sale "finds," they not only represent the workmanship of a bygone era, but can be incorporated beautifully within any design concept.  Even those pieces that are not in pristine condition can be rehabilitated and used for unique looks. 

For example, damaged chenille bedspreads are great sources of fabric for slipcovers, lampshades, bedroom and decorative pillows, and more.  Crochet edges can be taken from old, damaged pillow cases and sheets and reused as embellishments on today’s sheets, pillowcases, sheets, and apparel.  The options are boundless for recycling.  Plus, many linens only require treating stains from age.  There are several items you can use for removing yellow age spots on linens. 

A new one found by MDM is from JunkMarket, an online American junk club, is the Star Spangled Sampler & Company  Vintage Textile Soak, for $19.95 sold in set of 2.  This product  helps remove yellow and brown age spots from vintage quilts and textiles of all kinds.

Another one that MDM has used is the delicate OxiClean ®  Baby Stain Soaker, 3.5 lb. tub msrp $9.99,  and new Baby Stain Remover, 22 oz. bottle, msrp $4.99.

As with any products, MDM recommends you first test fabric in an inconspicuous area for color fastness.

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