Tip of the Week #34: October: Choose to Reuse Month–Bargain Coupons and More

Thrift stores, consignment stores, organic food stores are all part of the ‘think green’ movement.  By reusing what we have and food that is grown with the environment in mind, consumers and bargain hunters cannot only be savvy shoppers, but contributors to this overall effort. 

Hennepin County has declared the month of October as the "Choose To Reuse" month and has put together a special coupon book that saves even more $$$ at your favorite Twin Cities bargain sites.  With coupons for an additional 10%-50% off at local thrift stores, consignment stores, Whole Foods Stores, costume rental shops, record stores, vintage stores and other stores with dollar discount and freebies with purchases–this is a ‘must have’ book for this month for all bargain hunters.  Imagine the low prices are even lower with this offer–what a great idea!  Hurry and pick-up your coupon book good through October 31st.

Click Here→Choose to Reuse Coupon Book

Don’t live in the Twin Cities area?  Encourage your local county government to implement this great idea to promote recycling and reuse.

This Is a Two Green Thumbs Up Idea!

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