The Eyes Have It Including Eyebrows


A beauty trick by models for years to create marvelous looking eyebrows is moustache wax.  Moustache wax is a petroleum product, similar to vaseline, with paraffin wax.  It use to come only in clear, but now you can get it in colors as well.  Only a little needs to be applied and prices range from $3.00-$5.00 and will last forever.  Simply warm the wax between your fingers, apply to your eyebrows and then comb to separate and run the comb at the top of your eyebrow to create the shape you want.  You can buy this product in a tube with a comb by Clubman™ online at™ on sale for $3.99

Another product  that you can use is the clear mascara from Maybelline™, Cover Girl™and others at Target.

Additionally ,Target™ has a new product to reduce puffiness and cover dark circles under the eyes for $12.99 Radiant Glow by Boots No.7™.  It comes in light and medium.


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