The Ax-man Cometh With Bargains: Site #3 MDM’s Tour of the Twin Cities

All of us are acquainted with Government Surplus Stores and discount stores that carry discontinued merchandise or overstocks, but Ax-man Surplus on University Avenue, a couple blocks from Snelling heading west in St. Paul is rather unique among this genre. 

With a "No Admission Fee" sign and antiques in the window among other items, one can ascertain that this store has a sense of humor.  Where would you find bins of everything from electrical components, each labeled with a unique description of the item contained within, to an Iron Lung, and a statuary female head sporting a roman helmet with water coming out of her mouth? Now MDM is not suggesting that this type of store is solely unique to the Twin Cities Metro area because to some extent you can find these stores in most large communities both big and small.  What MDM is suggesting is that bargain hunters should not dismiss quickly these unique stores as "junk stores,"  since oftentimes the merchandise within will assault the senses with variety and value coupled with oddity. 

Ax-man get new shipments in every Wednesday and much of their merchandise are overstocks, discontinued items.   If you are crafty and want to try your hand at  DIY Designing/makeover, you can find enough components to make your own lamp or a lamp redo. 

Other items MDM found were these glass beads at $12.00/lb.  Some retro style, others millefiori, even murano look alike beads and glass seed beads are perfect for jewelry. 

Additionally, this German butter dish with its’ interior ceramic and seal can be used for travel, or containing gourmet salt for cooking, or spices–compact, spillproof, and s/steel makes them perfect for many applications, $1.95/each.  Check out the dental supplies, scientific beakers, dishware, office furniture and supplies, and so much more. 

Weekdays, Ax-man is open from 10 a.m.-8:00 p.m., Sat. 10 a.m.-6 p.m., and Sun 10 a.m.-5 p.m. 

Although not totally handicap accessible, entrance to the store is at street level and the interior has two levels that are connected by ramps.

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