The PURR-R-Rfect Toy!

The winter doldrums not only affect us, but our pets as well.  Here’s something to pe-r-r-k up your favorite feline fur friend. 

The FroliCat Bolt™ Automatic Laser  is an interactive laser toy that provides hours of fun for you & your pet. Simply hold BOLT in your hand or place it on a flat surface, turn it on, & watch your cat pounce, chase, & bat at the exciting laser patterns. 

Needs 4 AA batteries (not included).  4.1 paws out of 5 approval review.  Under $20.00 available online at Amazon, best price Petco® $17.97.

Got A Dirty Mouth?

Okay, you come home late, tired and after a hectic day looking for a friendly face.  You’re greeted at the door with enthusiasm and kisses, but WHEW that breath from your loved one could melt a lead pipe!

Now there’s a remedy for those times between visits to the vet!  That’s right if your pet has a dirty smelly mouth, you can keep it fresh all the time with the Royal Treatment Dental Kit for large and small dogs.  The chew toy can be filled with the breath freshener doggie paste and while your pet plays with the toy, it freshens his or her breath.  And for a follow-up put the liquid pet mints into the water dish.  Refreshing for both owner and pet.  At HSN for $19.95 + sh.

Pouncin' Puss Gets Beamed!

Do you have a couch potato pussycat?  Does he or she spend more than 18 hours a day sleeping:  Well, it’s time to get that fur kid moving with this latest cat toy.   All of us who have used a flashlight playing off a wall or floor, know how much our pets love playing tag with a moving light. Plus this is in keeping with that other hit toy, the Panic Mouse.  This toy is designed to provide many hours of fun for your feline friend.

Improvements Cat Laser Toy at HSN for $19.99 + sh.

* The beam of light moves in quick circles, pausing for a second or two and then automatically shines on a different part of the wall
* Provides good exercise for cats, encouraging them to run, jump and play

* No external pieces that can be lost or – even worse – eaten
* Requires three AA batteries (included)
* Measures approx. 4″ in diameter
* Made in China

Freebie For Fido!

Calling all dog lovers, Rachael Ray now brings “yummo” to our pets with  Nutrish™ Premium Dog Food.  Join her and her furkid, Isaboo, in a tasty treat for free.  If your pet really enjoys it, you’ve found a new  reward treat!  Supplies are limited, so don’t woof around, sign up for your “free” sample!

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