When A Sale Is Hiding

Most online sites will have a dedicated “Sale” category.  Now this can also be referred to as “clearance,” “outlet,” or “overstocks,” as well.  But some retailers like Dillard’s don’t list any category.  Okay, one would reason they must not have any markdowns.  Yeah, right–believe me, all retailers have merchandise that must be discounted and moved out of inventory–even in the best of times! 

 How can you find these sales? 

1.  Well, you can sign-up for their email and usually they will post special sale events among other fun information. 

2.  You can subscribe to deal sites like MarkdownMom and get the latest on sales and how to shop them.

3.  Or, you can search for sale at their site, by entering “sale” into their item search.  That’s what MarkdownMom recently and voilà found Dillard’s sale on teen apparel, shoes, cosmetics, men’s, women’s, home, and more like the Ruby Rox 2Fer Dress pictured reg.$69.00, now on sale for $20.70

4.  Tip:  if you don’t find the discounted items by using the word “sale,” try the other synonyms, one is bound to strike pay dirt!

Who Has The Last Laugh Now?

Sold Out – Or Is It?

Online stores and shopping network frequently, during a promotional sale or trunk showing, have popular items in limited quantities that quickly sell out. However, as some shopping networks advise, it is a good policy to check back in 4 to 7 days since the item can come back into stock for various reasons such as 1) cancelled orders as a result of an inability to confirm credit payment or reconsideration by the buyer, 2)merchandise returns, and 3)restocking. MDM recommends the following action be taken to make it possible to recapture that bargain:

Remember Item Number. Items can be checked to see if the site/shopping network has received more stock almost indefinitely during the season. Sometimes an item may come back into stock at a lower price. Even clearance numbers should be written down in a notebook.

When Possible List Item In ‘Wish List.’ Once an item has been put into your wish list, many online retailers will relist the item on your wish list when it comes back into stock.

Check Online Regularly. Persistence is a virtue in bargain hunting. If the item is listed at a terrific price during a holiday weekend sale, wait until 3 or 4 days after the sale to recheck stock. Also MDM recommends bargain hunters check for Christmas and other holiday returns, especially apparel, at least through the end of January.

Check ‘Auction’ Listing. For those online retailers that also have an “auction” listing, reappearance of an item make their way to this venue albeit in very limited quantities.

Keep In Mind: An Item Is Not Sold-Out, it’s just Temporarily Out Of Stock. Unless it is one a kind, you’re bound to find it or a facsimile again, it is just a matter of time.