Tip Of The Week #72: The Fail Safe Finger Test For 50 Shades Of Red–Lipstick!

We all have done it.  We want to be trendy and adventurous and try the latest runway look.  Red lipstick never goes out of style and like the color orange really can look terrible if you get the shade wrong. The trouble is that you have different tones in your skin and what may look spectacular on the back of your hand may not even resemble that test shade when applied to your lips.  So, how can you get a more  accurate reading on how the lipstick will look on your lips without contaminating it?

The tip of your fingers are closer in texture and hue than the back  of your hand.  Add the lipstick color to the tip  of a finger.   Then place your finger next to your mouth, look into a mirror to judge if it accomplishes the desired effect you wanted to achieve.  Easy, peasy right?

Tip Of The Week #68: Refinishing & Refurbishing Vintage Furniture

You’ve found this wonderful old piece with painted decals and decorations, but it is need of major restoration.  To retain the decals or decorations prior to painting the entire piece, you can protect them with painting over each one with petroleum jelly 24 hrs. prior to the paint job.  This will soak into the wood and repel any paint that it comes in contact with.

Tip Of The Week #66: How To Use Craigslist To Cut Food Costs

MarkdownMom has been making her own list from Craigslist of local food sources.  So far, she has found local vendors and producers of honey, wild rice ($6-$8 lb.), and beef for hamburger meat($3.15 lb+).  With rising costs of food due to demand and transportation costs (gas and diesel prices), it’s wise to look locally and to identify sources.  Not only does it make sense as far as freshness and price, but it is a way to be able to survive any interruptions in supply.  So, MarkdownMom recommends checking “general” and “household itemsfor sale categories on craigslist and making a list of these sources and contact information.

Tip Of The Week #63: Food Labels Secret Code

MarkdownMom was trying to “organize” her papers recently if that is what shuffling and trying to weed out too many mailers, articles of interests, recipes, decorating tips, filling out bags to be recycle, can be called and  still ending up with too much “stuff,” but, hey, it’s hard to toss the good stuff, right?  Well, anyway, one of the articles that was actually clipped was written in 1991 by Judith Blake of the Seattle Times to help us decipher and read food labels to make more sense of nutritional value of the products we buy at the store.

In her article, Ms. Blake gave some general tips that should help consumers in getting a healthier choice for their grocery dollar:

  • Ingredients are listed in declining order by weight.  The main ingredient in its’ composition will be listed first.
  • If you are trying to control your sugar intake, sugar can also be listed as dextrose, fructose, total invert sugar and corn syrup–all forms of sugar.
  • Salt may appear as sodium, monosodium glutamate, disodium phosphate, sodium benzoate, sodium nitrate, NaCl, etc.
  • Generic  terminology such as “artificial flavor” or “artificial coloring” can be used for a number of specific flavorings or colors.
  • “Natural” has been used with no official definition and can mean almost anything, at present it is only regulated by the FDA as to poultry and meat.
  • Choose products with a nutritional list.  Nutritional information is especially important when the producer makes a nutritional claim.

Do you know the difference of lean, extra lean, free range, fortified, rich, and ingredients that may cause unknown, potential allergies?  For more information check out the following sites: WalletPop and  the FDA Food Labeling Guide.

What You Don’t Know Can Cost You Money & More!

Tip Of The Week #62 : Online Limited Time Special Treat Like Online Auction

Many online retailers are having deals of the day and lunchtime specials.  Oftentimes, by the time you discovered these bargains, they are either sold out , not color you wanted, not the size.  However, you have to treat these specials like auction bidding and that means going back periodically to check the stock.  MarkdownMom found that a lot of customers jump on the bargain when the item is made available, however, some will change their minds on the purchase or the purchase sadly may exceed their credit limit.  Either way, you may be able to obtain the item in your color or size merely by checking back at different times. 

The easiest way to accomplish this is to keep the page up and periodically refresh it.   You would be surprised at how quickly the inventory changes during the time alotted for the sale.   Remember oftentimes an item returns, mind you sometimes only in single quantities, but if you are jolly on the spot to catch it–the bargain is yours! 

Doubtful if you want to purchase it, buy it anyway since you can cancel the order before it is fully processed that day.

Sometimes It’s  The Tenacious Hunter That Gets The Bargain!


Tip Of The Week #57 : Repurposing, Thinking Out Of The Bench

Repurposing can be more than taking something you own and reusing it for something other than its’ original purpose.  Now this can also mean taking something you can buy at a bargain basement price and rethinking its’s application.  For instance, Potterybarn’s Sale items although having a great clearance price, may not include the entire set.  For instance,oftentimes you can great buys on king size pillowcases, but can’t buy the matching sheets.  However, with our electic styling of mixing and matching, you can buy these at a tremendous savings and match them to something you already own.  Have a queen size bed, and not a king?  Buy the king anyway, because king will fit your queen size pillows, and king size pillows will fit your queen size bed.

MarkdownMom found this bench and it was advertised by Potterybarn for $4.99.  Caught your eye with that price; however,if you are a frequent shopper of Potterybarn sale items you know that it doesn’t apply to the bench.  Instead it is the cushion of the bench that was originally $49.00, on sale for $4.99 in cardinal, raffia,and sage.  Now this cushion will work if you have a bay window or any bench.  MarkdownMom bought it for both in raffia and sage.  Plus you can pair them together to make a rectangle cushion and mix and match two colors!  Repurposing what you  buy.  Neat, huh? 

 Another example of thinking out of the box,or in this case, bench!