Fall Fashion vs. Summer Sales

QVC.  There is a dichotomy going on at QVC’ this week.  On the one hand, clearance is going on for Fall fashions including coats from Dennis Basso, in some cases even on easy pay. On the other hand, new featured price Fall fashion is being offered by Dennis Basso and George Simonton, among others.  What may be happening is that designer overstocks from last year are being sold as clearance at the same time new Fall merchandise , with special pricing, is being offered to boost flagging sales.  At any rate, the bargain hunter can pick-up some bargains at the same time seeing how they will fit in with the upcoming season’s trends.  Worth a looksee!

Lane Bryant Instore End of Season Blowout Sale.  Great deals on summer togs including tops, slacks, and jewelry.  Most items are 50% off markdown price, and be sure to bring in your coupons.  Buy $75 worth of sale items and apply the coupon for an additional $25 off.  This can equate to getting some items absolutely free.  In real terms this means merchandise that retails for $150, you can end up paying only $5o!  That’s a total savings of 70% off.  Lane Bryant is also getting a special line of  jeggings for Fall.