Weekend Sales

Easy Pay and ValuePays at home shopping networks.  QVC has 3 easy pays today and ShopNBC has 5 valuepays on everything this weekend.

Lane Bryant is down to its’ last gold dot sale items this week for flat price of $6.99 each.

Sears.  Has loads of racks of clearance clothes for $7.99 and less.

Shopko. Entering the store, you are greeted with racks & racks of sweaters and more 90% off!

Dillard’s.  Up to 75% off  Sales and Clearance!

Tip Of The Week #62 : Online Limited Time Special Treat Like Online Auction

Many online retailers are having deals of the day and lunchtime specials.  Oftentimes, by the time you discovered these bargains, they are either sold out , not color you wanted, not the size.  However, you have to treat these specials like auction bidding and that means going back periodically to check the stock.  MarkdownMom found that a lot of customers jump on the bargain when the item is made available, however, some will change their minds on the purchase or the purchase sadly may exceed their credit limit.  Either way, you may be able to obtain the item in your color or size merely by checking back at different times. 

The easiest way to accomplish this is to keep the page up and periodically refresh it.   You would be surprised at how quickly the inventory changes during the time alotted for the sale.   Remember oftentimes an item returns, mind you sometimes only in single quantities, but if you are jolly on the spot to catch it–the bargain is yours! 

Doubtful if you want to purchase it, buy it anyway since you can cancel the order before it is fully processed that day.

Sometimes It’s  The Tenacious Hunter That Gets The Bargain!


Fall Fashion vs. Summer Sales

QVC.  There is a dichotomy going on at QVC’ this week.  On the one hand, clearance is going on for Fall fashions including coats from Dennis Basso, in some cases even on easy pay. On the other hand, new featured price Fall fashion is being offered by Dennis Basso and George Simonton, among others.  What may be happening is that designer overstocks from last year are being sold as clearance at the same time new Fall merchandise , with special pricing, is being offered to boost flagging sales.  At any rate, the bargain hunter can pick-up some bargains at the same time seeing how they will fit in with the upcoming season’s trends.  Worth a looksee!

Lane Bryant Instore End of Season Blowout Sale.  Great deals on summer togs including tops, slacks, and jewelry.  Most items are 50% off markdown price, and be sure to bring in your coupons.  Buy $75 worth of sale items and apply the coupon for an additional $25 off.  This can equate to getting some items absolutely free.  In real terms this means merchandise that retails for $150, you can end up paying only $5o!  That’s a total savings of 70% off.  Lane Bryant is also getting a special line of  jeggings for Fall.

Crafty Martha On HSN

The omnipotent Martha Stewart joins HSN today packaging her favorite scrapbooking products.  Martha Stewart is an enterprising wizard and an endless loop for the informercial.  Investigating the lucrid scrapbooking market of nearly $3 billion, Martha launched her Martha Stewart Crafts™ late in 2006 to carve out her share of this pie. 

This fortuitous exposure by HSN will not only boost sales of Martha’s products by devotees of HSN, but her appearance on the home shopping network will provide a teaser for viewers to surf the web for other products by this crafty diva.

Bargain Banter: News From The Front

KMart or the Big K is having a great instore and online clearance sale.  Take an additional 40% off the markdown priceMarkdownMom found stylish tees in men’s and women’s departments for under $3!  Also, MarkdownMom picked up a Giorgio bath kit, reg.$12.99, for 99¢.

Pottery Barn’s latest catalog has added another dimension to its’ decorating line–antiques.  They have picked up antiques in Europe like  glass pickle canning jars, glass oil bottles, etc.  Prices are not cheap, but does give us DIYers more decorating ideas.

TV Shopping Network TIPS

MDM not only likes to shop the clearance of shopping networks, but will look for special buys of individual designers since many times the clearance will be very limited in size, color because of the huge clientele that the networks reach. However, here are a few tips:

Tip 1: At QVC check out the “Savings on Style Price” and “Fashion Outlet Price” of your favorite designers like Bob Mackie, Koos Of Course, Susan Graver, and Citiknits. Usually QVC prices its apparel at half of suggested retail price and this added savings is approximately one-third off that price. By shopping these price listings, you have a better chance of getting your size and selection of color than Last Clicks.

Tip 2: Write down the model or item number. Especially when it comes to jewelry since many times the items can come back into stock. See posting on this site: “Sold Out or Is It?”

Tip 3: Go to mall outlet of the shopping network. At Mall of America, QVC has a store which has some super savings in clearance. The last time MDM was down, peridot jewelry selection was fabulous and the savings matched! ShopNBC has its’ home base in Minneapolis as well.

Tip 4: Check out auctions such as ShopNBC Auction. Many items that were out-of-stock can show up at this auction. Remember these are offered as last one items either by style or size and do your homework on the price. You don’t want to pay more than the item’s previous sale or clearance price.

Tip 5: Value pays, Flexpay, Stretch Pay, and Easy Pay are ways to purchase items from the networks especially on large ticket items interest free. Several things to remember: initial payment will include shipping and handling, and make sure that you will have money or credit available when the other payments come due. It is best to keep a record of such purchases and lock-in payments to your budget. As with any extended credit, you can get into trouble if not managed responsibly.

Sold Out – Or Is It?

Online stores and shopping network frequently, during a promotional sale or trunk showing, have popular items in limited quantities that quickly sell out. However, as some shopping networks advise, it is a good policy to check back in 4 to 7 days since the item can come back into stock for various reasons such as 1) cancelled orders as a result of an inability to confirm credit payment or reconsideration by the buyer, 2)merchandise returns, and 3)restocking. MDM recommends the following action be taken to make it possible to recapture that bargain:

Remember Item Number. Items can be checked to see if the site/shopping network has received more stock almost indefinitely during the season. Sometimes an item may come back into stock at a lower price. Even clearance numbers should be written down in a notebook.

When Possible List Item In ‘Wish List.’ Once an item has been put into your wish list, many online retailers will relist the item on your wish list when it comes back into stock.

Check Online Regularly. Persistence is a virtue in bargain hunting. If the item is listed at a terrific price during a holiday weekend sale, wait until 3 or 4 days after the sale to recheck stock. Also MDM recommends bargain hunters check for Christmas and other holiday returns, especially apparel, at least through the end of January.

Check ‘Auction’ Listing. For those online retailers that also have an “auction” listing, reappearance of an item make their way to this venue albeit in very limited quantities.

Keep In Mind: An Item Is Not Sold-Out, it’s just Temporarily Out Of Stock. Unless it is one a kind, you’re bound to find it or a facsimile again, it is just a matter of time.