Legally Strong!

Is hot, humid weather your enemy?  Does your hair fall flat or look like you stuck your finger in a light socket?  Tired of having to fight with your hair every morning?  For the best hair spray to tame that wild mane of yours, Markdown Mom swears by Giga Hold ™Freeze Ultra Intense Hair Spray by Salon Grafix.
This hairspray is great for all the updo’s for those special events like proms, weddings, or for any style that you want to defy gravity. Get it  from $7.50 up at Amazon, and never go flat again!

Get Your Tresses Updated this Spring Break and SAVE!

Next week marks Spring Break for most US colleges.  If Acapulco, Cancun, or Mazatlan is not on your schedule, why not treat yourself with a new hair color or style?

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Tip of the Week #45: Ask Twice, Cut Once

Not all of us can afford a $200 haircut on the tarmac or even in a designer booth. One of the most inexpensive haircuts outside of cosmetology schools is the salons that take you without appointments on a first come, first serve basis. Due to the large amount of traffic, prices are very reasonable for a haircut, usually under $15. However, if you have long hair, or have medium short hair as opposed to very short hair be sure that the patron ahead of you has long hair. With so many short haircuts, including men, there is a tendency to get into a groove cutting hair, similar to knife happy, that will turn your stylized haircut into something that has elements or close facsimile of that haircut, but is simply too short.

Additionally, if the salon is new to you, ask the manager what the stylists’ specialties are: long hair, funky hair, hair weaves, perms, color and highlights, men’s haircuts, etc. Check out magazines with the latest hairstyles, or go online to such sites as Virtual Hairstyles or Marie Claire and load in your photo to try different hairdos ahead of time. Find one that you like, don’t be embarrassed to bring a print-out or the magazine with you. This will save you time and your stylist time, if nothing else it’s a starting point for consideration.

Additional services such as coloring, weaves, perms usually require an appointment at even these places because of the time involved.Be aware, that wet hair length will shrink, and permed hair will shrink, the stylist should make an accommodation in the length of the initial cut to account for this. MDM prefers coloring or perming your hair, then cutting it since this will get rid of ends that have absorbed more of the dye or solution during the process with one exception–depending upon the final length/style of the hair it may be impractical to cut the hair after especially going from long to short you wouldn’t want to pay for the extra dye,or the difference in perm prices between the two.

Finally, MDM’s best advice is to first find a stylist who can cut your hair well, or at least to your liking, because additional embellishments cannot make up for a bad haircut.

Hair’s Looking At You, Kid!

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