Yo! Listen Up–Freebie!

Yoplait® has joined Facebook to offer a deal to jumpstart your New Year’s Resolution to get fit!  They are giving away a million cups of this delicious yogurt. 

MarkdownMom likes to freeze the cups for a healthy dessert treat–as good as sorbet. 

Hurry, only a million cups giveaway and  when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Take A Good Look Coupon

If you wear contact lenses, then you know how aggravating they can be at times.  All of us have experienced itchy dry eyes, fogging and let’s not mention what happens when they contribute to an eye infection!

Bausch & Lomb has a new lens solution called Biotrue offers the user more advantages:

  • Dual disinfection
  • Superior hydration
  • Proteins that act as natural germ fighters
  • PH balanced tears

But don’t take their word for it, try it for FREE with a online coupon for a 2 oz.trial size or $2.00 off on larger size multi-purpose solution

Freebie: Calling All Daves, Davys, Davids!

Dave Anderson, founder of Famous Daves, is celebrating his success as a BBQ restauranteur by declaring August 1, 2010 Dave’s Day–A Great Day to be a Dave.  If you’re a Dave show up with ID in hand and get a free meal (up to $15) for FREE!  This includes takeout.  And if your middle name is Dave, you can cash in on an entrée for half price (up to $7.50). 

Share this with all your Daves, Davids, or Davys!  MarkdownMom is circling August 1 on her calendar to take her favorite Dave to Famous Dave’s!

2010Tax Day Freebies!

Ah, tax day–the pain that keeps on giving!  But to ease your deflated wallet several merchants are offering special deals and freebies only today.

Starbucks. Wake up and smell the coffee and rid your head of that muffled feeling from all those figures and blanks.  Bring a reusable drink container to one of the 11,000  locations and get a free fill of coffee!

Cinnabon.  Okay, tax day bites!  But you can’t have coffee without a bit of pastry for that morning repast.  Instead you can get 2 free bite size cupcake at their mall bakeries.  Plus sound out in their Tax Day Bites essay contest and win a $100 gift card!

Dunkin’ Donuts®.  Well, we are at the morning coffee break.  So get that second cup of coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts--you’ll need it, and a free donut with it.

Taco Del Mar.  Now it’s lunchtime, so head out to Taco Del Mar for your free taco! Arriba!

Subway®. It’s time for that afternoon siesta, but in lieu of that how about taking a break and getting a free cookie of your choice from Subway?  You’ll need that extra sugar pick-me-up on this day!

Jamba Juice. Need something with your cookie?  Download coupon for Jamba Juice’s BOGO sale.  Buy one drink and get one free drink free. Coupon good until 4/25/2010.

F.P. Chang’s. Oh it’s supper time, it’s supper time! Come on! do you really feel like cooking?  Instead go with your fellow sufferer to F.P.Chang’s and get 15% off your meal.  Wise old saying:  Even a poor man feels better with a full stomach!

Maggie Moos.  The day is almost passing into a distant memory as you drop-off your taxes last minute at the Post Office.  After that bitter experience, tantalize your tastebuds with a free sample of its new MaggieMia’s Ice Cream Pizza. I don’t know how you spell relief, but I spell it I-c-e C-r-e-a-m.  Remember you can even let out a little steam; afterall, you scream, I scream–everyone screams for Ice cream!

You Made It Another Year!  Rah!!!   Take 2 Tylenol …

A Free Memory

Cards are reminders of days past, a snapshot in time.  If you are like most families we keep the cards that commemorate those important events such as, birthdays, weddings, retirements, birth of a baby, graduation and more;  in so many ways, they are a chronology of our lives.

Hallmark is offering a Free Kids Card, approximately 9 selections.  This offer is good until April 4, 2010.

Remember That Special Kid In Your Life–become part of their memories!

Happy Birthday To Me!

Sephora the home of fabulicious cosmetics is known for its’ freebies.  When you shop online  you can choose  product samples for free with every purchase  so that you can try the latest cosmetics and scents before you buy.  And when you shop in store, oftentimes you can get a free makeup makeover, free samples, and if it’s your birthday during the month, a special birthday present just for you! 

Markdownmom celebrated her birthday with a special trip to the store which is a treat in and of itself  and received a trio of lip gloss kit FREE!

Plus by becoming a Beauty Insider member you can receive points for every purchase and they can be cashed in for free products and kits like this fabulous makeup kit. 

This week get a Bare Escentuals  Flawless Defining Mascara FREE with any merchandise purchase online, just enter code BEFLAWLESS at checkout.

Become A Fabulous Looking Frugalista With These Freebies!


Healthy Freebie!

Okay, you’ve decided to turn over a new leaf .  No more extreme diets, no more marathons, just a sensible approach to eating healthy and regular exercise. 

Kashi  wants to give you that start jump that new lifestyle with a free sample of their delicious cereal.   Wake up your palate and have some fun at this site, too!  Great recipes, games and more.

Remember, Breakfast Is Your Most Important Meal!!!


Hot, Hot Makeup For FREE!

Makeup made by minerals has been a hot item for the past year, now you can DIY  and save beaucoup bucks!  A healthy alternative with no preservatives, get the load down on how to go about making your own at Makezine.   Learn how to do this step-by-step, a great site for the DIYer and those who just want to save money!

Or, if you aren’t handy then check out this bargain from i.d. bare Minerals.  Get their Peace And Love Sample FREE!  Sample includes your shade preference foundation and Premi Buki Brush.  Pay only $3.95 for shipping.  Perfect travel size.  While you’re there check out other deals, plus send an email to a friend about this freebie!

A Freebie Period

Unless you’re postmenopause, or you have opted to try the new meds to limit the monthlies to a few times a year, sanitary pads for women and girls are a part of life.

Kotex® is offering a free sample pack of its’ products including its’ new ultra thin, ultra light pad with wings. Feel funny about “that talk” with your young daughter? This is a perfect opportunity to initiate it with this great freebie packet.

Plus at the site check-out sweepstakes, new product offers, and educational information!