When To Jump In…

No, we’re not talking about the stock market.  What we are talking about is a bargain site for designer goods where prices keep falling and you decide when the price is right for you to jump in and grab the  bargain!   Tumbledeal has several categories of deals going at the same time, for instance, in fashion the Coach  Overstock Clearance  listed above, and other deals in categories like electronics, lifestyle, etc,. and special events.

The savings can be tremendous, but a buyer must act decisively and quickly before the deal is sold out and–that’s right-G-O-N-E Reportedly, this site can be quite addictive for bargain hunters–a form of retail slot machines!  But hey, it combines two of bargain hunters favorite past times:  (1)the hunt and (2)the quick snatch and grab from under the noses of other bargain seekers.  So, tallyho, and have fun at this site where bargain hunting turns into casino night!

***As with any form of gambling, MDM recommends the buyer check consumer services for handling complaints and/or return and credit policy.

Tip Of The Week #62 : Online Limited Time Special Treat Like Online Auction

Many online retailers are having deals of the day and lunchtime specials.  Oftentimes, by the time you discovered these bargains, they are either sold out , not color you wanted, not the size.  However, you have to treat these specials like auction bidding and that means going back periodically to check the stock.  MarkdownMom found that a lot of customers jump on the bargain when the item is made available, however, some will change their minds on the purchase or the purchase sadly may exceed their credit limit.  Either way, you may be able to obtain the item in your color or size merely by checking back at different times. 

The easiest way to accomplish this is to keep the page up and periodically refresh it.   You would be surprised at how quickly the inventory changes during the time alotted for the sale.   Remember oftentimes an item returns, mind you sometimes only in single quantities, but if you are jolly on the spot to catch it–the bargain is yours! 

Doubtful if you want to purchase it, buy it anyway since you can cancel the order before it is fully processed that day.

Sometimes It’s  The Tenacious Hunter That Gets The Bargain!