TV Programs Join Cyber Monday With Deals

If  you don’t have enough bargains to check out online, TV programs like The View are offering their own deals today.    Check it out:

Calling it Must Have Monday, choose from diamond jewelry, coffee makers, hair styling tools,  portable chargers save up to 78%

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf $98


CBS The Talk has their own Cyber Monday Must Haves from Ebates:




Example, get a Kenmore Elite refrigerator with an easy access Grab-N-GoTM door, reg.$4,299.99 for $2,599.99+6% cash back.



Best Sites For Cyber Monday Deals 2011



MarkdownMom’s experience with Black Friday has convinced her online is the way to go to save energy, time  and for us in the northern  climates, freezing your (blank) off.

I sent my husband to a store at 2 a.m. rationalizing that since the time was past  the midnight opening, the potential hassle would be minimal.  Au contraire!  After standing in line for  2 hours he was able to get 3 of the 7 items–the less popular ones, with no shopping carts in the store (supposedly removed to accommodate more customers which meant that you had to be able to carry all your items or bring your own cart or whatever), he was imprisoned in aisles when the ends were barricaded by more bargain hunters, and totally disoriented.  Needless  to say, I will never get him to repeat that experience any decade soon.

When he returned around 4:30 a.m., out of curiosity, I went online for the 4 items he was unable to get and found not only better deals, but on merchandise that was of better quality than the in store Black Friday deals– from the same store!  Ergo, my decision to let my fingers do the work on  future Black Fridays!

Now for the upcoming Cyber Monday Deals, some are already sold out even as I post this, but for the best deals here are the‘ go to’ sites MarkdownMom has compiled:

1. Cyber Monday 2011 by

2. Cyber Monday.                      

3.  Smarter Black Friday and Cyber       

Monday Sale.

4.  Check Individual Store Sites at for

Cyber Monday Deals.