The New Color for a Lush Valentine’s Day is Green

P.S. I love youValentine’s Day is fast approaching and MDM has found the perfect site for unique gifts for the one you love.  Lush, a cosmetic and bath company, has created hand-made green (vegetarian materials) products that are sure to please everyone.  Lush has a selection of specially created Valentine’s Day products.  MDM likes the P.S. I love you box, which includes a Love Potion massage bar, a slice of Sweetheart soap, Ro’s Argan body conditioner, A Million Kisses lip tint and a 2ml vial of Love perfume for $34.95.  Also, you may want to purchase Lush’s famous bath bombs.  MDM’s daughters rave about Rose Queen and Softy.  On your visit be sure to check out Lush’s Memorable Kisses Contest (Ends February 10th).  Winners will receive A Lots of Love Hatbox.

This Holiday Bring Out The Pussycat In You!

 Ever want to roar like a lioness or purr like a kitty cat?  Now you can show your true colors and still stay within budget.  Hard Candy is a new line of cosmetics introduced by one of your favorite dollar stretching stores, WalMart.   This line of cosmetics is so hot, it’s sizzling.  Metallics, glimmer, shimmer, and more.  Specialty products before only available at high-end cosmetic specialty stores, now available at WalMart for a fraction of the cost.

 For instance, the exotic eyeshadow tattoo kits in animal prints, smokey eye, exotic or glitter are only  $10.00.   Alluring, firey, smoldering or just wild.  You can decide to be a pussycat or el tigre, it’s all up to you!

Great for the holiday season–to wear or to give as a stocking stuffer!

IT’S GR-r-r-r-r  GREAT & SEXY!

The Latest In Vibrators

No, this isn’t a discussion by the stars of Sex And The City;  I mean what were you thinking?  For those of us who have been eyelash impaired and don’t want to try out that new product which may make your blue eyes brown, the vibrating mascara brush is a must have in your cosmetic bag!

Lancôme® had cornered the market for the vibrating mascara applicator for some time, and Markdown Mom forked over its’  hefty $34 price.  However, price relief is in sight.  As with any new invention, new competitors spark lower prices.  Maybelline’s®  Pulse Perfection Mascara, comes in 2 shades of black, and has a waterproof mascara for under $13 at major retailers like Target.   And to make your eyes really bug out, now they are offering an online $3 coupon!

How does this second generation compare to the pricier version?   Well, it covers each lash like the original and when applied correctly lifts and curls at the same time.  Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the coupon deal to try this product if you haven’t already–you won’t be sorry, and the waterproof version makes it even more attractive to add this product to your makeup routine.

Markdown Mom Gives It Two Thumbs Up!

Wednesday Steal: Makeup Extraordinare Kit

The Holidays is the time of year that beauty retailers bundle their products and offer customized kits with some of their best products. Sephora has come out with a spectacular deal from Too Face™. Too Face™ World Domination Tour All Access Backstage Beauty Collection, a $150 value for $34 contains the following:

– Eight Eye Shadows
– Duo Bronzer
– Face Illuminator
– Six Lip Glosses
– Brow Powder
– Eyeliner Cake
– Blush

And all these wonderful, professional cosmetics come in a wonderful cosmetic or future jewelry box that plays the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy when opened with a dancing figurine. While you’re at Sephora take a look at their hot mascara products such as the Lancôme Oscillating mascara and Too Face™ Lash Injection Pin mascara, all must haves for this holiday season.

A Beauty Wand So Hot, It Was On Back Order Like Forever–Is Now Available!

The eyes certainly have it this year. So many exciting new products including different designs in false eyelashes, color mascara from brilliant blues to purple, and applicators. The latest and most interesting innovation is the Oscillating Wand from Lancôme.

Vibrating at 7000 oscillations per minute, the Oscillating Wand wraps each lash 360° with mascara, separating, extending, and fattening all at the same time! Particularly wonderful for those of us who are less than adept in applying mascara. No more zigzagging, clumping, leaving tell tale dots circling our eyes. But this wand doesn’t come cheap at $34.00. But if you want lashes to die for or you want eyes like Angelina Jolie, then this is a beauty ‘must have!’ Only in black. On purchases of $40 or more enter promo code: POWERMASCARA and get free shipping, and free sample.