Coupon Alert: $1 Off Cover Girl

Here’s the head’s up to save more on your favorite Cover Girl products.  Sunday’s Newspapers will carry a $1 coupon good towards purchase of any Cover Girl product.  So be sure to check the paper  on February 19,  2012, and clip this coupon, too!  A  dollar here a dollar there adds up.  Perfect time to visit their facebook for other deals and new products.

The Latest In Vibrators

No, this isn’t a discussion by the stars of Sex And The City;  I mean what were you thinking?  For those of us who have been eyelash impaired and don’t want to try out that new product which may make your blue eyes brown, the vibrating mascara brush is a must have in your cosmetic bag!

Lancôme® had cornered the market for the vibrating mascara applicator for some time, and Markdown Mom forked over its’  hefty $34 price.  However, price relief is in sight.  As with any new invention, new competitors spark lower prices.  Maybelline’s®  Pulse Perfection Mascara, comes in 2 shades of black, and has a waterproof mascara for under $13 at major retailers like Target.   And to make your eyes really bug out, now they are offering an online $3 coupon!

How does this second generation compare to the pricier version?   Well, it covers each lash like the original and when applied correctly lifts and curls at the same time.  Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the coupon deal to try this product if you haven’t already–you won’t be sorry, and the waterproof version makes it even more attractive to add this product to your makeup routine.

Markdown Mom Gives It Two Thumbs Up!