When To Jump In…

No, we’re not talking about the stock market.  What we are talking about is a bargain site for designer goods where prices keep falling and you decide when the price is right for you to jump in and grab the  bargain!   Tumbledeal has several categories of deals going at the same time, for instance, in fashion the Coach  Overstock Clearance  listed above, and other deals in categories like electronics, lifestyle, etc,. and special events.

The savings can be tremendous, but a buyer must act decisively and quickly before the deal is sold out and–that’s right-G-O-N-E Reportedly, this site can be quite addictive for bargain hunters–a form of retail slot machines!  But hey, it combines two of bargain hunters favorite past times:  (1)the hunt and (2)the quick snatch and grab from under the noses of other bargain seekers.  So, tallyho, and have fun at this site where bargain hunting turns into casino night!

***As with any form of gambling, MDM recommends the buyer check consumer services for handling complaints and/or return and credit policy.

Get Your Groupon!

 The buying power of many outweighs the buying power of few.  This is not a new idea, the big retail chains have always been able to get price breaks over the small mom and pop businesses.  Small businesses in recent years have joined together to get deals on health care insurance for employees, though I am not sure that “deal” and health care insurance belong in the same sentence.  However, I digress.  Well, we have seen buyers enter into clubs to get deals on products. Hold that thought or rather extend it with GROUPON.

This online site offers free membership to buyers interested in their special deals of the day and they can be fantastic deals.  If a number of buyers are interested in a particular deal on products or services, sort of like a reserve, then the buyer can purchase it at the deal price to be used later.  This encourages you to get your friends in on the deal as well, the more the merrier.   Diversified selection of deals, anything from Bagels to Gym services.

Plus it has a business component by offering to small businesses an opportunity to offer a deal of the day and thereby increase their clientele and their sales.  Win, win for both consumer and business entity!

Offered at present in major metropolitan areas, MarkdownMom foresees expansion and continued growth for this site.

So, Get Your GROUPON and SAVE!

Fashionistas Say: Thrift Store Bargain Hunting is Hot!

In each city and small town there is usually a thrift store or secondhand store. These stores run the gamut of merchandise. Clothing usually occupies the majority of the floor space; however, other items can include antiques, jewelry, housewares, furniture, tools, electronics, books, toys, department store markdowns and seconds, and even cars. But, even in these constabularies for cost cutters and bargain hunters, there are pitfalls for the inexperienced and unaware shopper. To improve your chances of discovering the ultimate treasure or bargain, Markdown Mom offers the following tips as a part of the Thrift Store Campaign Series: