Sunday Deal Just In Time For The Party Season: Fabian’s Seafood is Fabulous!

MDM has been skeptical about buying anything out of a back end of a truck.  However, in recent years, that has changed since some of the best produce, even honey are trucked in by local farmers each Fall, and sold out of the back of a truck. 

Seafood, not a local commodity, has been available only in the grocery stores, but in recent years much to our advantage, Fabian Seafood, a fresh seafood company out of Galveston, Texas has been hauling seafood on ice to our neck of the woods.  MDM knew of the company, but was hesistant until a friend spoke highly of how fresh Fabian’s Seafood was and how popular.  She gave MDM the lowdown about getting to the location where the truck was parked when they first open up for business since they tend to sell out of the more popular items fast–though, it’s hard to single out  what those are since all of it is fabulous! 

Fabian’s keeps fresh snapper in season, oysters, blue crab, crawfish, and small, medium and large shrimp in the shell that are caught in the wild–not farm raised.  Talk about fresh!  They never freeze their product! 


Online, their site includes backgound information about the company and even recipes.  Further, you can be put on their email list and they will send you a postcard stating when they will be in your area, the location and time, and 30¢ a pound discount!  Competitive prices for fresh flavorful seafood–you can’t beat them to make that special party one to rave about.  Unless you live on the Gulf Coast, and even if you do, you can’t find better seafood than at Fabian’s. 

And when you get in touch with them, tell them

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