Sometimes It Pays To Go To The Source

Finding bargains requires diligence.  Anyone can find sales, but sales are not necessarily bargains given that few retailers sell at full price anymore.  Therefore, it’s important to know a sale from a real sale.

Sometimes the prices of a dedicated site hold greater savings than outlets, or bargain sites.  For example, Calvin Klein is carried by a number of retail stores and you can find bargains in their clearance racks but not in all sizes or styles.  You are limited to what’s in stock at that store.  However, going directly to the online designer site can expand your choices and your amount of savings.


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  1. Each time I read that someone is upset about a comtuser “clearing the shelves” I shake my head. This is America. We have the freedom to buy how much we want of any product, any time, any where. You are just mad that you didn’t get in on the deal. There will be another deal another day. Do you want the stores to regulate the amount we purchase on everything? After all it was just napkins not food! Melanie also has a good insight when she compares clearance shopping to advertised deal sales. It may not be what you consider “fair” but life is not fair, only God is just and fair.

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