Saving Money, One Dollar At A Time

For a couple of years, MarkdownMom has wanted to visit Aldi.  Some have referred to this grocery store as a thrift store grocery, but like their chain membership counterparts, Aldi provides an opportunity for customers to save money on staples and specialty groceries. 

For instance, lump crab claw meat usually sells for around $15.00/lb., MarkdownMom found it for $4.99 8 oz., carne picada great in burritos, tacos, and recipes requiring shredded beef for $ 3.29 /lb., 16 oz. frozen mussels $2.99, frozen huge akia eggrolls $2.49 pkg., vacuum packed sliced genoa salami $2.49/lb., 12 oz.can of frozen limeade 77¢, and fresh fruit such as seedless grapes 77¢ lb., bananas 39¢/lb., Moser Roth chili  flavored chocolate bar $1.69, and more. 

 This might not be huge savings, but when you factor in the quality, the savings mount up little by little; MarkdownMom recommends adding Aldi to your grocery resources to spice up  family meals for less!

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