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DO NOT Buy the Press Dough! Cookie Maker Before Reading This Review…

Press Dough Reviews: One Simple Trick Makes a Huge Difference

Some Press Dough reviews talk about how poor the cookies turn out. But most reviews do not tell you why OR if you can fix this issue.

As it turns out, we found out why–and we will tell you how you can fix this issue.

You see, not all cookie doughs are the same! In fact, if you use traditional recipes–or the store-bought recipes–you’ll likely find the cookies lose their shape in the oven. In the, end the cookies do not look anything like the character they should represent. This may lead to disappointment. And judging by other consumer reviews posted about the Press Dough–this is the most common complaint.

The Best Cookie Dough for Press Dough

As it turns out, you need to use spritz cookie dough recipes. Spritz cookies are not uncommon. In fact, if you were to use a professional cookie press–you will most likely use a sprintz cookie dough recipe. This is because ‘spritz’ is German for ‘squirt.’ And that is what you can do with spritz cookie dough.

Fortunately, this type of cookie dough holds it shape better than other cookie dough. The best recipe is the Betty Crocker Ultimate Spritz. (I find that if you do not use baking powder, the cookies hold shape better.)

Other tips for the press dough:

  • Preheat oven to 400.
  • Refrigerate the dough for 15 minutes before cooking.

Press Dough Cookie Maker, Does It Really Work?

It works surprisingly well if you use the right cookie dough — and the kids just have fun for hours. Bottom-line: Buy this for fun–but use the right dough.

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