Pouncin' Puss Gets Beamed!

Do you have a couch potato pussycat?  Does he or she spend more than 18 hours a day sleeping:  Well, it’s time to get that fur kid moving with this latest cat toy.   All of us who have used a flashlight playing off a wall or floor, know how much our pets love playing tag with a moving light. Plus this is in keeping with that other hit toy, the Panic Mouse.  This toy is designed to provide many hours of fun for your feline friend.

Improvements Cat Laser Toy at HSN for $19.99 + sh.

* The beam of light moves in quick circles, pausing for a second or two and then automatically shines on a different part of the wall
* Provides good exercise for cats, encouraging them to run, jump and play

* No external pieces that can be lost or – even worse – eaten
* Requires three AA batteries (included)
* Measures approx. 4″ in diameter
* Made in China

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