Oops! I Did It Again!

It’s moving out and moving in time in the Twin Cities around the U of M Campus providing a treasure trove of fabulous finds for all those with an eagle eye and the wherewithal to retrieve these items from the dumpster.  Apartment complexes add additional dumpsters to handle the influx of discarded items during this time. You may scratch your head wondering why items ranging from new to repairable end up in the dumpster rather than recycled or donated to thrift outlets.  A number of reasons explains this phenomena beyond the conventional theories attributed to the "throw away society."  Time is a large factor since packing up and moving out has to be done in short order once a new residence is found.  Many singles, especially students, are limited to what they can carry in their individual cars, and some may be moving into smaller quarters and must choose what to keep and what to toss. 

Oops!  Once again, MDM just couldn’t let these items end up in the landfill. As shown, this is just a sampling of what can be recovered from dumpsters including a desk organizer with light, a task chair that only required a screw to fix,  a brand new gift basket of bath items, a lamp, and a perfectly good apartment-sized vacuum.   It’s important to retrieve items as soon as possible, the longer they sit in the dumpster the more likely damage will occur.  Dumpster diving is ecofriendly by recycling items for further use–remember if the item is worth salvaging, even though  you, personally, may not have need of  it, there are others who do and would appreciate receiving it.   In fact, MDM would like to suggest to the owners/managers of apartment complexes to contact their local thrift stores and arrange a day for a vehicle to do a pick-up at the complex for donations.  

A win, win for all including the environment!

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