Mid-Late July A Time of Summer Clearances

Beginning now, it is time to shop the clearance racks and bins before the retailers start their "Back To School" promotions.  This is the time for your greatest savings on items you can wear during the remainder of the summer, and for next summer!. 

Outlet Shopping.  MDM usually finds that a bargain hunter can do better on name brands by shopping the clearance at department stores.  However, there are a few exceptions, the major one is to shop the Clearance racks and bins at the Outlet Store. 10 years ago, MDM bought a blazer in a heavy flannel, apple green color for about $20 from Liz Claiborne Outlet at Tanger and it still receives compliments to this day.  Why?  Because classics even in contemporary colors do not go out of style!  That brings us to:

Rule #1.  When shopping designer name brands on clearance for next year, select classic styles.   This is generally true for items that aren’t dirt cheap.  For items that are priced low to begin with and then marked down 50%-75%, it is okay to buy trendy items which you can wear now, and maybe be able to wear next year.

Rule #2.  When you make a purchase at the outlet store, sign-up for their Preferred Customer List.   This will place you on a mailing list that will alert you to sales and coupons.  Which can be almost as good as shopping their clearance, but usually have a discount on a minimum purchase. 

Rule #3.  Outlet Malls have specialized mailings on sales apart from outlet stores.   You can sign-up for these mailings at mall information locations.  Some malls like Tanger even have a special one-time membership fee of $10 which entitles purchasers to coupon books, special sales events, seasonal gift offers and even a $5 gift card offer on your birthday!   If you live close to an outlet mall and/or frequent it often, this may prove to be quite a savings!

Local Malls will be having their fair share of sales on summer goods in addition to preview sales on Fall merchandise.  Some department stores that do not specialize in sports equipment, but may carry summer sports paraphernalia, will be discounting–at least taking 15% to 30% off, the initial markdown during this time. 

Bargain Hunters usually are buying presents for Xmas or Holiday gift giving including birthdays all the year round, but July is one of the seasonal times when you can really lock in some good gift bargains!

Chain Department Stores like Target, WalMart, KMart and others will be moving merchandise including summer totes, apparel, sun glasses, and jewelry not to mention patio and garden merchandise.  Don’t wait long to pick-up that special item since some stores clean house pretty quickly. 

Recently, it was like Xmas for MDM when she found a large plastic storage container filled with shorts, sleeveless tops, and other summer apparel with the tags still on from last summer’s bargain hunting.  Most items were at least 80% off and just perfect for the ultra warm weather that has arrived!

It’s a good idea if you find an inexpensive article of clothing further discounted at 80%-90% off to pick-up several in your size, especially if they come in different colors.  As my friend, Georgeanne, once said to me:

"For that price, you can wash your floors in it!"

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