Markdown Mom's Toolbox: Dollar Store Find

Dollar Stores not only provide great savings, but carry many items that you normally don’t come across in your local hardware store.

A snake to clear out a clog is not unusual, many times they are used to clear out a clog in the toilet, bathtub or shower–anything clogging the septic system. However, you don’t want to use a snake that unclogged the toilet in your kitchen or bathroom sink. This handy little snake is just the right size to handle that job and after a plunger–again, not one used on the toilet, please–should be employed prior to any commercial anti-clog solutions.  Won’t solve large blockage problems, but is a great item to keep on hand for small problems and maintenance.  Eco-friendly and for just $1, you can’t go wrong.

This is part of Markdown Mom’s Toolbox, and should be part of yours.

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