Some may remember this TV series starring Robert Culp, who recently passed away, and Bill Cosby.  However, as entertaining as this series was, for many of us who use our computers as another extension of our lives, we are not amused as we embattle daily malware, spyware, cookies, and viruses.   April 2010 issue of PC World Magazine has listed free software to download to help reduce these attacks and MarkdownMom tried a few and recommends the following:

  • Super Anti Spyware.  Impressive handle that fights malware.  Caught 9 ad cookies on MarkdownMom’s laptop.
  • Avira® AntiVir Personal.  Detection and disinfection software.  PC found it not novice friendly, but we found downloading quite easy.
  • Mywot.  Site for free download of Web Of Trust®,  a free browser plug-in, that checks out links you click on for spyware.  Green circle means GO, okay to use, red means STOP, run from site.  Different downloads for Internet Explorer and Firefox.

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