Hot and Bothered!

Come on, we’ve all experienced it.  You get all set up, everything is working, all systems are go and then…well, your laptop overheats and the dang thing stops working!!!  That great idea gets lost in the expletives you utter. 

Well, MarkdownMom has experienced this indignity time and time again until she found this inexpensive ventilated, adjustable metal laptop stand by Rolodex.    Unlike its’ expensive counterparts that employ a fan(s) to cool  down the laptop, this metal  stand accomplishes the same by being made of metal mesh that creates air flow under the computer.  Rated 5 stars by owners, the stand has adjustable angles to accommodate viewing.  It  has an attachment for organizing your cords and you can purchase an additional USB hub and attach it to the stand.  At  Amazon for $16.15, best price instore at Sam’sClub under $15.

Be Cool My Baby!

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