Haute Couture Without The Haute Price$

MDM doesn’t know what is more intriguing, LukaStyle or Wayne Scot Lukas himself; his wild graying hair or his classic, interchangeable designs.  Whichever, his artistry is made more affordable at HSN.  Lukas displays an almost irreverent, flirtatious demeanor while unveiling his fashion line that shakes the lofty world of fashion from its haughty heights down to earth for us mere mortals.  

Building upon a basic wardrobe that can be updated each season, he offers women, no matter what size, a panoply of color and classic styling.   It is due to the timeless aspect of his fashion that make this a great investment for bargain hunters especially with HSN prices from $29.90-$109.90 and its’ enticement of interest free 2-4 flex  pays.

Taking the sting out of purchasing fashions that will never go out of style!

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5 Replies to “Haute Couture Without The Haute Price$”

  1. Thank you so much for the support and kind words,… I will be launching a new collection on shopnbc the first two weeks of may,.. please watch and let me know what you love and or want mmore of. I appreciate your kind words so much. Take care wayne scot lukas lukastyle

  2. I love WSL and Lukastyle. I am so happy that he’ll be appearing on shopnbc. I just hope the clothes won’t be pricey since shopnbc seems to be higher end prices.
    I miss his Lukastyle collection so much. I still wear the pieces (in fact, I wore the sheath dress today!).

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