Grease More Than Wheels With This Gadget

Martha Stewart mentioned in passing on making crepes, a handy Japanese kitchen tool that evenly dispenses oil for cooking. baking, or grilling.

This handy device dispenses just the right amount of oil, not too much. not too little, all while keeping your hands grease free!  It’s called a OYATSULAND   or Japanese Oil Brush Set.  Fiber strings not only dispense oil evenly but can get into every nook & cranny of a muffin pan, aebleskiver pan, or any pan to create a natural nonstick surface.

Reusable and relatively inexpensive. this a great little gift for the chefs in your family and a great stocking stuffer!

Best prices at the following merchants:  Amazon from $4.25-$4.99+sh. $6.49 +sh.

It’s Another Good Thing!


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