Give Her The Sun and The Moon, To Keep

 Hand-carved stone sculpture from Brazil.  Each one contains a smiling Sun on one side and a sleeping crescent  Moon on the reverse.  Every piece is unique because they are handcrafted from real stone.  Imagine this as a display accent on an entryway table or serving a dual purpose on your bookshelf as a bookend and decorative element.  This item originally marketed at $95.00 is on sale for $45.00!   Choose from 5 stone options.  What a wonderful objet d’art for any setting. Offered by the designers of Made by Loving Hands at importer direct prices.  Many wonderful offerings by these artisans in jewelry, fine jewelry, handbags, and for the home. 

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  1. Oh, these are cool. I like your idea of using these as bookends, if they are heavy enough. A lot of how effective they’d look as an object d’art for display would depend on the angle, colour and strength of the lighting that hits them, maybe… you could do anything from basic Brazilian happy face to something quite dramatic, with a strong light from the side, just a bit like the strange goth-Aztec thing they had going on with the “Rockstar – SuperNova” stage sets!

  2. I agree which is why I bought 2 of these awesome desktop sculptures. They look great in my den. Everyone asks me about them. They look a LOT more expensive than $45! Happy Shopping.

    Dear Risa:  Thank you for the feedback.  I am pleased that you are happy with your purchase.  Keep tuned in as we are always looking for cool items with real value.  Thanks, again!  Markdown Mom

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