Get That Spicy Flavor At Home

Ever been to your favorite restaurant and wished that you could take that flavor home with you?  Now, a popular Chinese/Thai restaurant in St. Paul, Minnesota, the Big Bowl, is offering spicy condiments and appetizers  at its’ restaurant, local Lunds & Byerly’s grocery stores, and online.

Choose from Spicy Peanut Sauce, Soy Vinegar, Plum Sauce, or Sesame Mustard Sauce, online $5.95 each.  Big Bowl Hibiscus Iced Tear online $4.95.  Buy all four sauces at Big Bowl under $20.  Plus check out their egg rolls, dumplings, and potstickers to warm-up at home.

MarkdownMom says:   Sometimes, it’s the little things like seasoning that can take an ordinary dish and give it the “WOW!” factor.  Always pick-up brand name seasoning whenever possible for your pantry to experiment and use when you cook at home.

Great Restaurant Food Cooked At Home For Le$$!

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