Free Stuff: Curbside Recycling

 May is the opportune time to go hunting for free stuff in the neighborhoods around campus.  Many students will be going home for the summer and cleaning house before the last day of May.  Additionally many communities will be having spring cleaning campaigns that allow residents to clean house and have unwanted furniture and other items picked up at the curb without additional charges.  Some communities initiate Spring clean-up campaigns by having a "free day" at the local dump. 

BIKEThis year MDM was able to pick-up and donate to a women’s shelter the exercise bike pictured at left.  It was in very good condition and free!  MDM talked with the homeowner who said that there was only a minor problem in the electronic readout, and the shelter was pleased to receive it for their clients.  In past years, MDM has recycled rugs which only needed a powerwash cleaning on the deck, doors, fluroescent light fixtures,tables, and chairs from this annual rite. 

The pickers (those bargain hunters who pick-up items for resale) will be out,  Take sometime and tour your neighborhoods, you may be suprised at what you find! 


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