Food From The Gods…Greek Gods

Ancient tales of paradise include references to the land of milk and honey.  MarkdownMom has found a super brand of yogurt that is spot on with that promise.

Greek Gods® Yogurt is so-o-o good that you could spread it all over your body and lick yourself into a frenzy! Find it at a local food store and get great recipes at their site.

So delicious, buy the plain and add honey or buy it with honey and add your own fresh fruit to it for additional texture.  You won’t be disappointed!  Healthy and delicious–what more could you ask for?

4 Replies to “Food From The Gods…Greek Gods”

  1. I tried the fig yogurt and I was really disappointed because it tastes like some greek guy’s sweaty armpit. It took 2 tequila shots and a pint of whiskey to get the taste out of my mouth. Hopefully the other flavors aren’t that gross.

    1. Stephanie; Whoa! MarkdownMom tried the plain with honey and added fruit, and it was as delicious as a dessert. Perhaps the Greek Gods should stick with the basics. MarkdownMom

  2. I have tried this and was disgusted. I actually spit it out. Thanks for the horrible recommendation. It was six bucks wasted.

    In the future, I would hope that you only recommend good products. Thanks.

    Dear Jakie; I usually try or buy the items before recommending them. I found that their plain yogurt with honey was truly exceptional as I posted. However, I have not tried the flavored ones by this company, and again taste and palates vary–sorry that you had a bad experience. MarkdownMom.

  3. I love Greek God yogurt. Especially the honey flavor. It is like a great icecream. Haven’t tried or even seen the fig available.

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