Falsies Just Got Better!

These falsies feel like they’re real!  I know, MarkdownMom is being a tease again; however, playing up your eyes is an essential cosmetic routine and MarkdownMom loves any new product that makes that easier and more dramatic.  Maybelline, noted for their mascara for that runway look, came out in  August with a new line of mascara called The Falsies Volume Express Mascara with a curved wand.  This mascara contains Keratin,  fibers that increase the thickness and length of your lashes, and comes in black, brown, and waterproof.

  Their latest version The Falsies Black Drama Volume Express Washable, adds 300% more volume corner to corner of your lashes, with their spoon shaped flexible wand.  MarkdownMom likes the way that it doesn’t clump the lashes, but separates them–even the lower ones.  

MarkdownMom has added this mascara as her 3rd favorite to create that runway look.  Here’s MarkdownMom’s lineup of favorites:

              and now

These falsies look like the real thing!

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