Designer Fashions Under $20

Sex and The City not only heralded an eye opening anthropological study of single life in the Big Apple, but tantalized its’ viewers with au courant hot fashions.  Particularly spectacular were the designs worn by Sara Jessica Parker.  Now you can get designs under her label, BITTEN™, at Steve & Barry’s

This chain currently operates more than 200 super-stores in 33 states and plan to open approximately 70 stores in 2007. Steve & Barry’s shoppers typically pay 50% to 90% less for the same quality clothing found at competing department and specialty stores. Some familiar apparel lines they carry are Marvel® Comics, WWE®, Hasbro®, General Mills®’, Hershey’s® and Ford® the Starbury™.  Most merchandise is competitively priced at $19.98 or less and many items like designer jeans for $8.98!  Wow!!!

Click Here to Find aSteve & Barry’s near you.

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