Department Stores: Clearance Shopping Part 2

 Found one item, but need the matching piece?  Check out the other store locations.   Many times MDM will find a real bargain on clearance at a store such as a skirt of a suit, one drapery panel,or rod, a bed set missing matching pillowcases, or any number of items, The reason that they are priced low is because they are missing the other piece and are considered one of a kind.  The natural inclination is to pass on the bargain.  However, you may want to reconsider especially if you live in an area that has other locations nearby of the same store.  You may find its’ match at the other stores; if not, you can usually return the item by saving the receipt.  If the markdown is big enough and the item is just what you have been looking for, it is worth making the effort to check out the clearance racks or shelves at the other store locations.  If you still cannot find its match, then:

 If the store has an internet site, check for the item online.  MDM found a great wood pinecone rod for $5 at Target on clearance, but needed another one for two windows of a bedroom and didn’t want to pay full price for the second one.  With repeated checking, another one was not marked down in any of the stores; in fact, all of a sudden that style was no longer available in any size, in any of the stores.  So MDM went on line and found it as a markdown at Target online.  Not as great a bargain as the first one and there was shipping added, but when added up,the pair, even with sh,, amounted to half price.  If this doesn’t work, the next step would be to try to locate the item at the nearest larger metropolitan area, and for MDM that means Minneapolis/St. Paul.  

Still can’t find it and want the item desperately?  Then have the store check its inventory sheets to locate it at another store in a town or city nearest you, if possible.  If the bargain is great enough and you figure the time and gas into this equation, then maybe you can make this a little mini vacation to retrieve it.  If that trip would be cost prohibitive, see if you can have the item shipped to your local store.  it’s worth the inquiry.

Found a display model on clearance,but still think it’s too high?  Don’t be afraid to haggle.  Display models are one of a kind and should be discounted to a minimum of half price.  Even then you should ask for another 20%-30% off the markdown price.  Especially in electronics and clothing since fashion seasons  and technology change quickly.

Look for companies that buy clearance or discontinued lots from your favorite stores.  You need to do your home work here.  Second hand stores such as Goodwill buy  such lots as do consignment shops.  But watch the prices and condition since it may be higher than the last store’s markdown or it may be damaged. 

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