After 2011 Christmas Sales Begin!

MarkdownMom has received numerous inquiries asking when the After Christmas Sale begins.  One way is to check last year’s calendar for a general idea.  However, the current economic environment can and does affect when retailers will start this process.  Markdowns will start on merchandise dedicated specifically to the season like decorations.  Having said that, the sales have begun.

Target.  Initial markdown instore of 30% on  decorations and candy.  Pick-up a extra holiday gifts for unexpected guests.  Although  MarkdownMom considers 30% a sale and not a true markdown be aware that many nonfood items will be sold by them to other vendors in bulk, so closely monitor price reductions.

Menards®.  Current holiday merchandise is marked down  50% instore and they will slash prices incrementally each week.

Sephora.  Not a real sale, but the perfume and makeup gift packages that are offered at this time of year have real savings on name brand fragrances and cosmetics.  MarkdownMom recommends scooping up a few of these bargains for future gift-giving.

Make Your Man Feel Like The President On Father's Day!

Even the most mild manner of  men these days want to kick a** with the tough times our nation has been going through.  Well, here is a perfect t-shirt that says, “I’m tough, so don’t mess with me!’

Giaim® offers this hot, Billy Blank shirt reg.$12.98  on sale for $5.99 in sizes M, L, XL .   Nothing says 6 pack fit like announcing to the world that you’re a member of the Tae Bo Expert Billy Blank’s™ Boot Camp!

Yah, That’s Right!

Baubles, And Bangles, And Beads

Just in time for summer accessorizing–dress up those sexy vacation togs with bling reminiscent of BlackBeard’s treasure! MarkdownChics found this great buy on hot, hot jewelry at Target!  Take 30% Off and more on the Vintage Sea Life Collection from Target!

  • Nautical double stranded necklace: Reg $39.99, Now $27.98
  • Seashell earrings: Reg $14.99, Now $10.48
  • Jeweled Sea Blue Dangles Necklace: Reg $39.99, Now: $19.98.

Shiver Me Timbers–just in time for Mother’s Day or your favorite Mermaid!

In Select Stores only.



Sunday Deal: A Delicious Tail

Once a year Target Super Centers offers freshwater frozen lobster tails.  For $6.99 a piece, this is a super deal if you have checked what having a lobster in a restaurant costs.  You can steam these, put them with other seafood, or better yet, they are perfect for the grill.  Here’s your chance to feast like a king, but hurry as this comes once a year, and in Minneapolis, MN and probably others it’s here for Valentine’s Day!

While you’re at it, keep up on Target’s Daily Deals.

Wednesday Steals: Just In Time For Valentine's Day–Florist In A Box

It’s nice to get flowers on Valentine’s Day, but how about having flowers all year?  With AeroGarden you can have a continuous living bouquet.  And you can change the flowers into a mini herb garden, tomato garden, salad, or pepper garden in the summer.  On sale at JCPenney®, reg. $149.99  now $79.99

Kit includes:

  • AeroGarden 3
  • English cottage kit
  • set of 3 vases
  • set of 4 adapter rings
  • centerpiece basket
  • fully illustrated guide

Plus get free shipping on purchases $49 or more through 2-28-2010 promo code: 4YOURLUV

Give A Gift That Keeps On Giving!!!

Customize Your Valentine For FREE & Capture Those Special Moments!

Take heart it’s not too late to get a personalized gift for your favorite valentine.  Capture those special moments for your loved one.  Use your own photos,  video clips, and your special song to create a customized valentine. Make a 30 second valentine video from Animoto® for FREE!  Or full video for  $3 or unlimited videos for a year for $30.  You choose!

So Little Effort For Such A Big Dividend!!! 

Body Wrap Your Valentine

What”s more romantic than floating candles, bubble bath, and fragrant lotion?  How about stepping from a warm bath into the arms of your love holding a luxurious bath sheet?  A-a-a-h-h! 

Bed Bath & Beyond ®  has a deal  on luxurious Tropical Retreat Bath Sheets in 100% rubbed cotton, 30″x62″.  At $9.99+sh, a fraction of the regular price, your honey will enjoy the bright colors of the  Caribbean  in Hot Pink (shown) or  Aqua.

‘A little piece of  Paradise, don’t you know, man!’

Which To Bake First–The Chicken or The Egg?

Ah-h-h the proverbial philosophical debate!  Now you can end the debate by a 2 for 1 deal at Crate & Barrel’s gadgets.  These two cookie cutters are bargain priced at $1.50, reg. $2.95.  Check out all the past season goodies at terrific prices.  This is one way of getting ahead of the gang and saving dollars at the same time. 

Be sure to view other deals offered by Crate & Barrel’s Outlet–one of Oprah’s favorite stores for decorating makeovers!

A Le Creuset Dutch Oven Under $100? No Way!

Markdown Mom’s Find

Every home chef knows how Le Creuset is a premier line of cookware, made with cast iron and enamel, under the name Cousance this line was noted for its’ even cooking, and one pot meals.  But because of its’ superior reputation, it is very expensive and out of  budget considerations for most of us.  Even online auctions list Le Creuset in used condition and sell for about $70-$100 depending upon condition, including shipping and handling.

However, just in time for Mother’s Day, now is the time to get a 3 1/2 qt. Wide Dutch Oven from Williams-Sonoma, in Flame *or Lemongrass* (pictured),for $99.95 plus sh, sales tax!  I know, what a terrific deal!!  This is a small size, but perfect for making one pot meals for 2-4 people, or for making that perfect risoto.

How did this come about?

Well, Williams-Sonoma’s May 2009 Catalog has the advertised $99.95 price  on page 10, reg.$250 .  The only colors that the ad lists(and you will see this is important) still in stock are flame (red) *and lemongrass (green)*.  On page 50,  under Price Guarantee, the catalog states that every price in the catalog is guaranteed through May 11, 2009

However, when you go to the site, you see that the  regular price is listed at $250, and the sale price is $185.  Call the catalog order #1-800-541-2233 and insist that they give you these items as listed in the catalog!  What Markdown Mom found out that they will first charge you the internet sale price of $185 and then credit your account for $85.05 +the difference in shipping costs and sales tax–insist on it, if any problem ask to speak to a supervisor.  They are legally obligated to honor this advertised price!  Be sure to write down who you talked to, the date, and the confirmation number of the order.  When you get an email from customer service, reply to them with a note of what you believe will be charged on this order.  Here is Markdown Mom’s email to use as a sample:

This message is to confirm the terms of this order. Per Customer Service
Rep (name here)/Supervisor ( name here), this order was placed with the
understanding that the catalog price of $99.95 for the 3 1/2 qt. Le Creuset
Dutch Oven would be honored since this price is the advertised catalog
price and according to the catalog (page 50) was good to May 11, 2009.
That the item was advertised and available in (lemongrass or flame). That the
difference between the online and catalog price of $85.05 would be credited
to my (name of charge card) along with a reduction accordingly on the shipping and
handling, and sales tax. That this order would immediately be corrected to
reflect the prices listed in the May 2009 catalog. Therefore, the
final price charged to my (charge card) will be $99.95 +sh, tax. Thank you.

Save this email, this is your guarantee that you get the catalog price.  Check your emails frequently or call Williams-Sonoma (it takes about 24-48 hours to process order and to credit your account).

*This item is also available in Dijon (yellow), however that is not a color listed in the catalog–but you may try to get them to let you get that color anyway for the catalog price.

May 11, 2009 deadline is only 2 days away, so act quickly.  Great gift for Mother’s Day–just tell her its’ in the mail!

Reminder: Calling All Twin Cities Brides

Goodwill located at 553 Fairview Avenue North in St. Paul is holding its’ Annual Sale of Bridal Dresses this Saturday, February 21, 2009, from 9A.M.-3P.M.  This year the inventory is worth over $1million!  Many top designer fashions to choose from, new or barely worn. 

Plus there will be apparel for the entire bridal party including bridesmaids dresses and mother-of-the-bride dresses.  And with prom season coming up, inventory for sale includes evening wear. 


For those who are planning a special occasion this year, you cannot afford to miss this event!  Reminder to those not living in the Twin Cities, check with your local Goodwill store to see if and when they are holding a similar event–you may be surprised!

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