Near County Road C in Maplewood, Minnesota, in one half of a brick building, is housed a meat market that not only carries spectacular cuts of meat for the dinner table, but also items that cater to the gourmands among us. The Angus Meat Market assaults your senses and eyes when you walk in with the smells of hickory and smoke, and an array of meats including every cut of steak imagineable, jerky in a variety of flavors made from beef, turkey and chicken, and double-smoked hickory bacon. What drew MarkdownMom to this site was their large sign heralding “Double Smoked Hams.” For the holidays, this is a must have and your quests will rave at the moistness and flavor of their hams, and for that special occasion you can even order a whole pig for roasting!
For those who culinary tastes are more adventurous, this market carries specialized meats such as alligator and smoked alligator and kangaroo (delight for all those Crocodile Dundee fans), bison, elk, kobe/wygu (Japan) patties and steaks, farm raised venison, wild boar, goat and grass fed beef can be ordered! Besides free range chickens and turkeys, they carry small birds including quail, cornish hens, and partridge.
.For the hunters, The Home Market processes all kinds of game. For you favorite pooch, they even have dog treats–the lists goes on and on. And what ‘s equally important, prices were more than competitive–like 95% ground beef for $4.99/lb!
Oh, MarkdownMom mustn’t forget that the other half of the brick building houses the family’s liquor store. One stop shopping to pick up that special beverage to go along with your delicious meals.

This Is One Family-Owned Business where family pride is shown in the quality of their product!!!


What is a Schticky? It is a washable lint roller–it picks up lint and a whole lot more. For example, got a problem with shedding pet hair? Roll the Schticky over the hair and the hair sticks to the Schticky. For quick cleaning of the roller, all you have to do is rinse under the faucet.

The commercial claims to:

  • Works on fabrics from wool to velvet
  • Can do multiple surfaces; you don’t have to go from vacuum to broom
  • Pick up pet hair from clothes or the sofa
  • Great for cobwebs, curtains or other hard to reach places
  • Its slippery when it is wet and sticky when dry

So does it work?

Works on fabrics from wool to velvet:  It does work on all fabrics in picking up debris.  It works on cloth, but it also works on a granite counter top to pick up crumbs.

Pick up hair: Yes it does work to pick up hair. Especially if you leave hair in your bathroom after a blow dry. The lint roller doesn’t clean hair in a flash, but it is quick. You may have to help the hair off with your hands occasionally. It picks up pet hair quick and cleans it quick too.

Additional uses: I’m always finding other uses for the ‘lint roller.’ First, I can clean crumbs up from my desk. I also can clean up my car seat if I absolutely have to eat on the go. I’m sure there are a hundred other ways to use the roller.

Ordering process: We ordered the product online — without any issues. The bonus big Shticky is not 100% free as you have to pay a separate processing change. Fine. About a week after we ordered, I got a call that the product has shipped and I was eligible for a gas card. I did not get the gas card as it required membership in a program.

Bottom Line

This is a great tool for neat freaks — or people who want to stay clean.

Check for BIG Schticky™ Bonus Offer  See Bonus Offer…

Who Wu! Coming To Target and More!

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Jason Wu is the latest designer coming to Target.  Wu, designer for such notables as First Lady Michele Obama, Diane Kruger,and Natalie Portman,  has produced a collection of 53 pieces ranging in price from $19.99-$59.99 with the theme American Girl In Paris, arriving at Target Stores and its’ online site February 5th.  Target has lured designers  beginning in 1999 into its’ retail stores in recent years and Wu is its’ latest offering.  Wu’s line, unlike the recognizable Mossimo stripes, will not be as easily identified, but will be a very youthful and sport classic lines.

In yet another move to spark sales, on May 6 Target will be offering limited items from well known specialty shops such as The Candy Store in San Francisco, The Privet House home accessories of Connecticut; The Webster House, an apparel store in Miami; Polka Dog Bakery in Boston; and The Cos Bar, cosmetics in Aspen.  Additionally it will test market Apple stores in 25 of its’ stores.

MDM Says: If you want to have a chance at getting any of the Wu designs at Target, you will have to act fast on February 5th since not only buyers scoop the deals, but also speculators to resell on Ebay®.

Royal Weekend Sales

NordstromThe Rack has savings of 60% off most apparel.  Now is the time to shop and scoop up the bargains!

Dillards.  Additional 30% off clearance through April 30, 2011.

*MacysExtra 15% off, use promo code:  LOVEMOM.  Good through May 2, 2011.

Pet Smart™.  For the Royal Pooch.  Save 20% on all Martha Stewart Pets Dog Collars, Leashes, Harnesses, Waste Management, Feeding & Toys.  Plus 25% off Big Brand Sale.  Online only extra 10% off  purchase of $75 or more, enter promo code 10SPRING at checkout.



The PURR-R-Rfect Toy!

The winter doldrums not only affect us, but our pets as well.  Here’s something to pe-r-r-k up your favorite feline fur friend. 

The FroliCat Bolt™ Automatic Laser  is an interactive laser toy that provides hours of fun for you & your pet. Simply hold BOLT in your hand or place it on a flat surface, turn it on, & watch your cat pounce, chase, & bat at the exciting laser patterns. 

Needs 4 AA batteries (not included).  4.1 paws out of 5 approval review.  Under $20.00 available online at Amazon, best price Petco® $17.97.

Got A Dirty Mouth?

Okay, you come home late, tired and after a hectic day looking for a friendly face.  You’re greeted at the door with enthusiasm and kisses, but WHEW that breath from your loved one could melt a lead pipe!

Now there’s a remedy for those times between visits to the vet!  That’s right if your pet has a dirty smelly mouth, you can keep it fresh all the time with the Royal Treatment Dental Kit for large and small dogs.  The chew toy can be filled with the breath freshener doggie paste and while your pet plays with the toy, it freshens his or her breath.  And for a follow-up put the liquid pet mints into the water dish.  Refreshing for both owner and pet.  At HSN for $19.95 + sh.

Pouncin' Puss Gets Beamed!

Do you have a couch potato pussycat?  Does he or she spend more than 18 hours a day sleeping:  Well, it’s time to get that fur kid moving with this latest cat toy.   All of us who have used a flashlight playing off a wall or floor, know how much our pets love playing tag with a moving light. Plus this is in keeping with that other hit toy, the Panic Mouse.  This toy is designed to provide many hours of fun for your feline friend.

Improvements Cat Laser Toy at HSN for $19.99 + sh.

* The beam of light moves in quick circles, pausing for a second or two and then automatically shines on a different part of the wall
* Provides good exercise for cats, encouraging them to run, jump and play

* No external pieces that can be lost or – even worse – eaten
* Requires three AA batteries (included)
* Measures approx. 4″ in diameter
* Made in China

The Puur-ific Dinner

Friskies Selects Indoor®, by Purina® is now offering several new canned meals that even the      most finicky cat will be begging for.   All meals include barley or brown rice with garden greens for great nutrition and digestive health.

MDM’s three-year old black Bombay cat, Stella, is fed hard food and a spoon-full of moist food as a treat twice a day.  Stella has been spoiled with Sheba® but recently has appeared to be bored with it.  A sale trial-size of Friskies Selects Indoor®, by Purina® Chunky Chicken & Turkey Casserole changed that boredom immediately.  She not not only devoured the chunks of chicken, but licked the bowl clean!

With meals including Chunky Chicken & Turkey Casserole; Homestyle Turkey Dinner; Flaked Ocean Whitefish; Herbed Salmon Entree; Classic Chicken Entree; Hearty Beef Stew with Barley; Braised Beef Diner with Barley; and Saucy Seafood Bake, it’s not hard to see why.

Freebie For Fido!

Calling all dog lovers, Rachael Ray now brings “yummo” to our pets with  Nutrish™ Premium Dog Food.  Join her and her furkid, Isaboo, in a tasty treat for free.  If your pet really enjoys it, you’ve found a new  reward treat!  Supplies are limited, so don’t woof around, sign up for your “free” sample!

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