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MarkdownMom has loved The Company Store  for decades.  Working in design, they were one of our first sources for down comforters.  Now they have expanded into comfy apparel, bath, and accessories.  If you are ever in LaCrosse, Wisconsin take a trip to the French Island  outlet where you will find fantastic bargains.  MDM purchased a gold and blue fleur de lis pattern duvet years ago w/gold cording for an incredible price.  They have quality goods and now they have a clearance section on line!  Take a look at these wonderful  Rosanna flannel sheets from Germany at 75% off.  Some limitations on size and color, but snap up these incredible savings.  You will be glad you did when Winter comes.

Sales Alert: Sharp Notevision Home Projector

Sharp Home Projector TV

The Good: Imagine watching the game, or any TV show with life-like characters! After purchasing a home projector for personal use, I would not switch back to a regular television. The DLP technology makes for perfect large screen viewing. The crip and clear resolution make for life-like pictures in the movies, sports or any show. Make sure you have room for the 106" screen — that comes with this wonderful offer. In short: Large screen, HDTV quality for cheap.

The bad: It takes 10-20 seconds of warm-up time before you can see a picture each time you turn it on. You need a clear space between the projector and the wall. If you don’t have this, the picture will be blocked. Messy connection cables.

Overall: This is a wonderful buy if you find a way to hide the cables and have a clear space for viewing the wonderful images.

Product specs: Designed to fit all of your challenging multimedia needs, the Sharp Notevision "Educator Series" XR-10S provides superior features, performance and reliability. Built to handle most any business, education or cinema projection requirements, the XR-10S utilizes the latest Texas Instruments DDR DLP display technology in combination with TrueVision (DDP2000) image processing. The Condenser Lens Optical System provides a remarkable 2000:1 contrast ratio, along with crisp, bright and detailed images from both computer and video sources.

Powerful standard features like short-throw zoom lens, HDTV compatibility, up to 3,000-hour lamp life and 3-year industry leading warranty make the XR-10S perfect for every application.

Sharp has not stopped there. To enhance color accuracy, the new "XR" Educator Series incorporates a 3 times speed, 4-segment color wheel. This color wheel ensures that all projected images are uniform — and void of the "rainbow" effect common in other projectors.

To further maximize reliability, the XR-10S incorporates multiple ultra-quiet cooling fans, making the projector the ideal choice for extended-use operation in classrooms, office environments, and even home viewing. And, with the wireless remote control with built-in forward/back PC control, operation is easy from anywhere in the room.

For placement flexibility, the XR-10S operates from a tabletop or ceiling mounted for permanent installation. In addition, its multiple computer/component, video and audio inputs, stereo audio line-output ("VAO"), RGB/component "loop through" and RS-232C port provide for higher-end integration.


  • Dimensions: 12.4" W x 4.7" H x 11.6" D (including projecting parts)
  • Weight: 8.6 lbs.
  • Technical support center: 1-888-go-sharp
  • Limited warranty 3 years parts & labor with 2 years of Sharp "ER" 24-hour turnaround express repair (90-day parts and labor on projector lamp)

 Buy now: Sharp Notevision XR-10S Home Projector with 100" Elite Manual Screen


Online DVD Rental: Blockbuster Beats Netflix

Try Blockbuster Now ►

Blockbuster Wins our comparison for best online DVD rental.  Not only are there no late fees, but Blockbuster online DVD rental services offer unmatched selection and the ability to exchange movies in-store across the nation. 

How Online DVD Rental Works

After you sign up for a DVD rental service, you can select a list of films you want to view.  The DVD rental company will send you the first three films on your list, as soon as they become available.  From our experience, firms are typically available for shipping the same day, and arrive up to five days later.

Sometimes, however, you have to wait a few days before they mail you the DVD. We found, however, that this is a rare occurance.

Also, customers in bigger cities report faster service because multiple distribution centers located in larger metropolitan areas.

Keep the DVDs for as long as you want.  With each service, there are no late fees.  After viewing your movie, return the rentals in the prepaid return envelope.  Yes, you only pay the montly membership fee — you never pay for shipping — so rent away. 

As soon as your DVD rental company receives the DVD(s), they will ship the next DVD(s) on your list.

Frequently asked questions

Cost: Services run from $4.95 to about $20 a month, which includes multiple DVD rentals at any time.

Most popular: Blockbuster, Netflix, DVD Avenue and Clean Films.

What is unique about each service?

  • Blockbuster: This service gives you two free video rentals each month at their brick and mortar shops.  Perfect for satisfying those nights you need to instantly gratify friends or family with a new movie.  You should choose Blockbuster if you live near to and visit a Blockbuster store.
  • Netflix: Kudos for the fastest delivery.  They have more distribution centers than any other service, and most users report next day delivery.  While their prices are a little higher, you should choose Netflix if you cannot wait for movies to arrive.
  • Wal-mart: By far the cheapest DVD rental service on the Internet.  However, they have fewer distribution centers, and therefore you may have to wait an extra day or two before your DVD(s) arrives.  Price conscious users should choose Wal-mart for their online DVD rental needs. Update: Wal-mart has partnered with Netflix. 
  • DVD Avenue: What makes DVD Avenue unique is their wide selection of video games and mature interest titles.  You should choose DVD Avenue if you plan to rent videogames or view mature films.
  • Clean Films: Interested in preserving family values?  Are you a moral person? Clean Films rents and sells edited films for family audiences.  They take out scenes that may offend children, adults and families. We love this site!

Wireless Wizard Wes Recommends: Blockbuster. 2nd Place: Netflix.

Wireless Wizard Wes (WWW) is your neighborhood nerd, techie and internet junkie. An honor student, and Princeton University graduate, he enjoys sharing knowledge about the best buys in technology.