I Spy Daily Deals At The Mall

Malls are getting into the act of enticing customers to shop with their Deal of the Day.  At Rosedale in Roseville, Minnesota, customers can find a listing for deals that day at the Mall.  Although not all listings are “deals,” this does provide the Mall bargain hunters not only with coupons, but information on bogo and other sales.

Today, the Rosedale Mall has a coupon for Carter’s children apparel for 20%off and 50% off holiday apparel, Bogo offering on jeans from Vanity, 25% off Men’s purchases of $100 at Macy’s, 20% off entire purchase coupon at Children’s Place and more.

Check online for deals by malls located near you–you may be surprised!

Double Dip Sale!

MarkdownMom walked into JCPenney®’s yesterday right into a double dip sale!  All through the store, summer merchandise that can easily transition into Fall was marked down 40%-80% off, and at the register another price reduction, certificate incentive of $10, off the markdown price!  These reductions amounted to MarkdownMom paying about 20% of retail!   Just in time for Back-To-School!  Be sure to print the coupon and keep it in hand when you go to the Mall!

Weekend Review: Up To 80% Off Designer Apparel!

Out & AboutMarkdownMom says if you want deals on apparel now is the time  2 shop until you drop! It’s worth braving the cold to get these hot bargains at the  mall:

Macy’s.  Selected items by Beyoncé. Apple Bottoms, Calvin Kline, Jones New York , Karen Scott and more 80% off!  Other racks have Tommy Hilfiger long sleeve shirts under $7.00!  If your Macy’s has a Marketplace. take a time out to renew your energy and try their Seafood Louie with a glass of raspberry lemonade–simply delicious!

Lane Bryant®.  For gals sizes 14 & up they are having their Gold Dot Sale , take an additional 50% off of markdown price.  Plus 50% off sweaters.

Stay Tuned!

MOA Stores Boast BIG Discounts

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Stores at Mall of America this weekend boasts HUGE Storefront Discounts, anywhere from the average 40% to 75% off at Old Navy.  However most of this was much-to-do about nothing.  Old Navy was having a Halloween 75% Off Sale, but most of these items included summer inventory.  Deb has a 40% Off Sale of shirts, sweaters, and other wear but none of the items were really impressive. The only sale worth going to is Rainbow’s 50% Off shoes.  Shoe sizes are small, but if you can fit them they are fabulous!  Suede mustard boots, high-heel dress shoes, and more!

You May Want To Park It In This "Garage"

Coming soon to the Mall of America is Garage, with the hottest and trendiest apparel that even sizzles in cold weather.

From California, New York and Canada, and now the Midwest, you will love their selection of tees and sweaters with the new Fall “scoop” neckline, popular flare jeans, and plaids are rad. Great prices on the latest fab looks!

High Energy For The Fashion Savvy!

Just In Time Sweepstakes

This week only enter the Best Buy® Sweepstakes and win one of 25 Grand Prizes of a trip for 2 to Mall of America® with a $1000 Best Buy shopping spree. Contest ends on Saturday, July 19th–so hurry. The lucky winners will visit MOA on August 7, 2008, just in time to do some Back-To-Classes shopping. Plus you could win one of the 10 first prizes of a Toshiba laptop, and 50 Sony MP3 players for second prizes.

Don’t Delay, Don’t Hesitate, Enter Now→Best Buy/Mall of America Sweepstakes

Mall of America Not for All Americans

The Mall Of America in Bloomington, Minnesota has negotiated expansion to enlarge its’ holdings as the retail mecca; however, it still gets a poor grade in meeting the needs of all of its’ shoppers.  Since MDM originally reported on MOA’s issues of accessibility for customers with physical challenges, it has installed accessible doors, one at each main entrance.  However, wheelchairs are limited supply, and electric carts come with a $25 fee.  Last Saturday, MDM witnessed that a number of physically challenged customers were not able to secure a complimentary wheelchair because lack of supply, and rightly refused to pay the rental fee charged by the management.  Target, WalMart, Loewes, Home Depot, KMart, and a number of chain stores have seen the benefits of making shopping accessible to all their customers.  Citing the cost of repair and upkeep of these vehicles as the reasoning for the rental fee by MOA management flies in the face of sound business practice as the cost of doing business that could be shared by the individual retail establishments in the Mall.

The economics are there since customers who have access to motorized carts are likely to shop, and to shop longer than those who do not.  Not everyone with a physical impairment, temporary or permanent, own their own wheelchair, or have someone available to push a wheelchair, in order to shop.  Equally noteworthy was that for a Saturday in June, the MOA was not very busy, and the group that were asking for the aids at customer service was significant.  A suggestion as a middle ground solution for MOA is to tie the $25 fee into the purchases made at the Mall.  If a customer spends $25 in purchases, substantiated by receipts, the fee can be waived or returned. 

It’s time that management at the MOA wake-up, baby boomers–the largest group of shoppers–are aging and it is not sound fiscal policy to ignore them.  If MOA continues to do so, such discriminatory, anti-user policies, and a poor economy will attract less and less customers and apparently after viewing the traffic at MOA last week, it has already begun.

Weekend In Review: Where The Deals Are Including Daily Tech Deals

The Mall was full this weekend since kids were on breaks and when you’re on break you either go to Fort Lauderdale or chill out at the mall, right? One would think that there would be great sale enticements; however, with a few exceptions to find the real bargains you are better off to save the gas and shop online.

One exception was Sears. They are having an additional 60% off clearance prices and a top with a retail of $35 with the additional 60% off was being sold for $5! Look for the round racks marked clearance in the traffic areas of the clothing departments. For the holidays next year, pick-up their make-up and nail kits which are half-priced at $9-$10. Also,check out prom dresses here some really lovely styles are available.

Lane Bryant instore clearance had t-shirts marked $9.99, priced $4.99 online.

Wal*Mart has some great electronic deals starting with the Garmin® nüvi® 200 GPS Navigation System daily tech deal $198.88, Sony® 32″ LCD HDTV daily tech deal $796. Prices are good through April 5, 2008.

Target™ is carrying Bare Escentuals kits priced at $49.00 includes basic eyes. Plus 75% off remaining Easter items.

Ritzy Tiffany’s Moving = Big $avings!

Shopping at the mall the day before Christmas usually congers up images of crowded stores, bare shelves and clothing racks, and people fighting one another for last minute sales.  MDM’s daring associates ventured out to the Mall of America yesterday but to their surprise actually found the mall to be rather tame.  Despite store-wide sales of 60-75% off most merchandise, the crowd was not that much more than you would typically see on a given weekday; much less than you would expect for a given weekend or summertime and certainly less than what you would expect for Christmas Eve.  Perhaps folks this year are being wallet conscious or have done most of their shopping ahead of time or on the internet.  MDM suspects it is a bit of each. 

One interesting find from the Mall is that Tiffany Collection is currently having a Store Moving Sale.  All lamps and global imports (furniture, rugs, and home decor) are 50 to 75% off!  All items purchased at the store can be shipped free of charge. 

Location: Mall of America (West Side, Second Floor)
Phone: 952-854-7877
Tiffany Collection Website