If You Have A Sheldon In Your Family…

Come on, every family has one Sheldon in it! You know the OCD brainiac of the CBS’ hit The Big Bang.   Markdown Mom has one in her family and bought this item after seeing Sheldon use it to fold his laundry. 

Now your Sheldon may not be as neat, and as a result is disorganized and has a room that is space deprived.  Whether or not your Sheldon is a copy of the original or just a version, this item will get him or her in shape. 

 The Debbee Flip Fold® is great to solve the problem of too much apparel or linens and no space.  By removing the air and folding the item uniformly, this product is a cinch for organization!   

Best price at HSN for $26.98 plus sh includes 2 sizes and choice of colors.