Is Kindle Unlimited The New Netflix For Books???

Calling all ebook readers!  Amazon has debuted its’ new online monthly book club, kindle unlimited.  For $9.99 a month (30 days free trial) you get:

  • Unlimited number of selected ebooks each month, exclusive titles by best selling authors.
  •  Over 600,000 titles, news releases may not be available.
  •  Thousands of audiobooks.
  •  Children books with parental controls.
  • Whisper Sync, a narrated ebook version, that allows the reader to switch from a narrating  professional reader to text and back again, is available on select titles.

MarkdowMom says for book lovers, it doesn’t get better than this and with a month’s free trial, what’s stopping you?



Plagued by Grot?

MarkdownMom found this new word and it may prove useful in playing the new electronic version of Scrabble.  What does grot mean?  Here are some guesses:

  • gross rot
  • mixture of sweat and skin found in those unmentionable places
  • what politicians exude at political  addresses
  • the smell coming from a refrigerator overdue for a cleaning
  • dirt and crud

Well, it’s all of the above and more.  It’s English slang for rubbish or dirt.  What a neat word?  Think of all its’ uses!  To get rid of grot in its’ physical rather than metaphysical form depends upon its’ source.

For all things grotty, find the answer in Kim Woodburn and Aggie MacKenzie’ s How  Clean Is Your House, based on their TV series.   They attack  cleaning nightmares with vigor and green products often found around the house and costing loads less than retail counterparts.  Find at Amazon for $15.57 +sh.

Page Turner

These cold winter days and night  provide the perfect condition to snuggle up with a book–that is if your not completely done in by coping with the weather.  There are many books, but few lan  take you out of the here and now with intrigue, fast pace action, and a taste of history.  Allan Folsom, best selling author of The Day After Tomorrow and Day of Confession offers up a real page turner in The Exile.

When a novel 702 pages long, you want to make sure that it’s worth your commitment–and this one surely is.  This is action-packed suspense that grabs you and won’t let you go!  The hero applies police acumen as he deals with a diabolically resourceful killer.  Story begins in L.A., but jumps into international intrigue, and leaves you wanting more from this talented author. 

Worthy of being made into a movie, your choice is whether to read the book now before the movie or after!  At Amazon, reg.$25.95, now in paperback for $7.99.

Cheaper Than A Movie Ticket !!!

Flea Bites!

For most of us the snow has come and gone and warm weather is beginning to show its’ face and sometimes colors.  For bargain hunters we await Spring in great anticipation of tag sales, garage sales, rummage sales and flea markets.  This doesn’t mean that there haven’t been these sales throughout the rest of the year, but come on, some of the fun is taken out of the bargain hunt when you have to climb mountains of snow or slog through the slush!  On the whole, there is more to pick from in warmer weather especially with flea markets since these outdoor events depend  heavily on the weather conditions.   MarkdownMom has come across a new publication thatwill enhance our quest this year:


Flea Market Style is a new magazine  making its’ debut this Spring.  It promises to be jam packed with tips, repurposing flea market finds, and decorating.  It’s such a new fledgling enterprise that you will be on the ground floor with its’ first issue!  Check your favorite WalMart, Barnes & Noble, CVS, Target and other outlets, or check  its’ website, $9.95.

Author of The Plague of Doves Twin Cities Entrepreneur

Book lovers, pet lovers, and those interested in learning more about American Indian arts, culture, language, and history will love Birchbark Books located near Lake of the Isles and Calhoun Lake in Minneapolis.

Owned by the famous American Indian novelist, Louis Erdrich (Turtle Mountain Band of Ojibwe), customers travel from all over the country to visit her bookstore.  She is the author of several fiction novels, poetry, and children’s books and was named a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in Fiction for her 2009 novel, The Plague of Doves.  Her artistry takes on features of William Faulkner with present-day Native-American fiction.  This unique mixture is presented in the many characters that are repeated throughout her works and narrated in their voice, moving back and forth through time.

In store you can browse diverse topics ranging from Minnesota plants, geology, and history; American Indian culture, language, and history (with special focus on Objibwe and Dakota people); children’s books; young adult and adult fiction novels.  Many of the books and book signing events feature upcoming local artists and writers.  You can also find signed books for purchase by several authors, including Louis Erdrich.  Also in store you’ll find jewelry, toiletries, and other pieces made by local American Indian artists and healing herbs and botanicals such as bitter root, sweet grass, sage, and bearberry.

Birchbark Books is the only independent bookstore owned and operated by American Indians in Minnesota.  It is unique in that great care was taken to use salvage and non-toxic materials to build the store.  The doors are from the ReUse Center in Minneapolis, the globe lights from an old school house, and inside the wooden floor is the original flooring that belonged to a meat market which was the site’s previous occupant.  Birchbark Books takes a community-centric approach to doing business, supporting local artists and writers; having employees such as Manager Susan White greet customers with a warm and friendly smile and plenty of stories to tell; and each employee owns a dog which they proudly bring to work with them to greet regulars and newcomers.  Drop in and when you do, tell them MarkdownMom sent you!

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Manager: Susan White

2115 West 21st Street

Minneapolis, MN 55405

Phone: 612-374-4023


Accidental Housewife Gives Tips On Spring Cleaning (Video)

Yesterday, Julie Edelman, aka The Accidental Housewife, appeared on the Rachael Ray Show to introduce products to help save time and make that Spring Cleaning easier!


For more great ideas, tips, products, and save time while putting some fun back into not-so-fun housekeeping,  check out her books:

The Ultimate Accidental Housewife:  Your Guide To A Clean-Enough House– Amazon, $5.59

The Accidental Housewife:  How To Overcome Housekeeping Hysteria One Task At A Time–Amazon, $11.01

Once Upon A Recipe:  Favorite Tales, Food, and FUNtivities–Amazon, $6.50

The Cosmetic Cop & Bargain Hunter Launches Radio Talk Blog

Paula Begoun, often referred to as the Cosmetic Cop, and author of bargain substitutions for pricey cosmetics, has launched a radio talk blog. This site gives a listing of the full range of topics she will cover and the airing schedule.

Known for her investigative abilities to ferret out skincare products that work, and those that don’t  work, she has appeared with such popular television personalities as Oprah Winfrey  plus consumer oriented programs and has authored such bestselling books as:

and DVD, $13.49

The 'Coupon Mom' Reveals How To Purchase $100 Worth Of Groceries For Only 25 Cents! (VIDEO)

The ‘Coupon Mom’ went on the Today Show this morning and showed the hosts how she was able to purchase $100 worth of groceries for only 25 cents. Her handy tips will help you save money every time you go to the supermarket.

Some tips:

  • Does the store double or triple coupons?
  • Does the store accept competitors’ coupons?
  • Print legitimate coupons from the Internet.
  • Dairy: Use the store brand.
  • Produce: DIY.
  • Meat & Poultry: Go with the front page sales.


BUY the BOOK:  Reg. $15, at Amazon $9.00.

Unauthorized Biography On Martha Explains A Lot!

Every so often, tv viewers see little glimpses of another Martha on her television hit The Martha Stewart Show. A word slips out like “turd,” undercover forays to competitor shows, terse reminders that a member of the staff/crew has forgotten a utensil or something was not prepared correctly, the repeated emphasis on guest Lindsay Lohan being young and wanting to have fun and “play,” or the apparent awkwardness sensed when cooking with children. These moments, admittedly are few, seem out-of-character with the persona that Martha Stewart likes to present to her viewers and followers. They are until you read Jerry Oppenheimer’s Unauthorized Biography of Martha Stewart called Just Desserts. Even her trial and conviction for insider trading seems to fit into the portrayal by Oppenheimer of an obsessive, avaricious, egocentric personality. Her attributes seem to be that of a modern day Svengali. Whether you view this book as another sensationalized piece of mudslinging or insightful, it is an entertaining book that you will find hard to put down. Because this book has been around, you can purchase it a a bargain price.

A good read for little money, at Amazon