Betsey Johnson Stores Going Out of Business Sale!

Recently MarkdownMom was in San Francisco and while bargain shopping in  the Westfied Mall walked into a super sale at the Betsey Johnson Store thinking that this was a singular store closing–au contraire.  Betsey Johnson has had to file for bankruptcy; the silver lining is that she will continue as creative director of the line that will still be marketed by Macy’s and other retailers.

What does this mean for bargain hunters?  Right now you will find her apparel, jewelry and shoes at the stores that are closing at 40%-60% off and more.   However, you have to hurry because inventory is shrinking because of these  fabulous savings.

Additionally, current prices at her online site are reduced  40%-65%.

 Plus MarkdownMom found select pieces of her jewelry reduced 50% at Macys and other retailers.