Beyond Phillips and Flatheads

photo by Elise


Screwdrivers are a necessary part of any toolbox especially if you want to save money by fixing or making items, or simply used for assembly of many mass produced products.  Besides an Allen wrench, which is a screwdriver in disquise, a set of small screwdrivers is a must.  MDM finds this set particularly useful in repairing electrical items, replacing batteries, and fixing eyeglasses to name a few.  Additionally, this 9 piece set by Tool Shop® purchased at Menards contains a magnifying glass, a long nose plier, and cutting pliers.   Not only the home owner, but apartment renter, and college bound student will find this kit handy and cost saving.   

Markdown Mom’s Toolbox

hammEveryone knows that if you live in an apartment or house, you will need certain tools occasionally either for improvements, decorating, or repair.  Besides the hammer, screwdrivers (both flathead and phillips), and wrench, MDM has found other tools that are invaluable to have on hand.  This category will explore the various tools MDM has in her toolbox, and the best sources and prices to purchase them. 

The first tool, MDM recommends is the Rubber Mallet which is similar to a hammer, but oh so much more.  Rubber Mallets are useful when you need the pounding force of a hammer, but do not want the hard striking head which can put dents into wood and metal,  split wood on a delicate repair on antique furniture, or assembling a diy framing or other craft projects.  MDM found this Rubber Hammer at Target™ in its’ Red Spot bins for $1.00!  This is a great price for this handy tool.