Don't Pirate This Flick (VIDEO)

YouTube Preview ImageMarkdownMom recently viewed The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, out on DVD, and although it has been reviewed as a close, but not completely terrible movie, there are some reasons for renting it.  It’s a real surprise to see Jake Gyllendhaal as beefcake, his physical portrayal of the Dastan character in this film is a far cry from the more sensitive, cerebral roles that he is noted for. The dialogue contains too many modern expressions to make the time period credible.  And it’s surprising to find notable actors such as Ben Kingsley, the chief antagonist, Alfred Molina, and others in this video game genre movie. 

 If you like a lot of action with some fuzzy special effects scenes, then you should enjoy the film.  Although its’ pluses are quite limited, it’s worth renting at the RedBox for a buck, but make sure you get it back in time because it’s doubtful it’s worth $2, unless you’re desperate for entertainment.

Rent Don’t Buy This Movie

MarkdownMom At The Movies: Inception

Chris Nolan, noted for Memento, The Prestige, and Batman:  The Dark Knight, delves into the far recesses of the mind with Inception starring Leonardo DeCaprio.  For those who like a visually stimulating, action packed movie with an edge, this movie provides all of that and more.  Leonardo DeCaprio as the main leader of a team that accesses their targets’ dreams to acquire secrets buried in the psyche, takes it one step further to plant an idea into the mind of the son of a wealthy energy tycoon, is a tour de force in this role.  Like the team, his fellow actors offer strong, independent supportive roles that offer up a dynamic ensemble within the many layers of this movie.  Well worth the price of the $10 movie ticket and later buying the DVD to play over and over again.